April 5, 2015

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Easter and Jeremy's birthday

i Drew!! (Elder Olsen) Smile

How are you? How are you surviving all the storms. I understand there was another one that passed over you during the week and Dad tells me that there is some bad storms expected this week so be safe and follow the rules. We aren't getting any storms here it is just beautiful. Sometimes we have a cold front move in but there is never any moisture with it. I haven't been able to work out in the yard at all. Dad has done some yard work but he hasn't pulled any weeds. He mostly just cuts stuff down.

I loved the picture that I got this week. That was so fun!! I assume that is was the young man in the picture that sent it to me. What is his name?
I went out with one of the sisters that night and sent a picture to her mom too! I just thought it was so much fun to get a picture.

Are you adjusting to your new companion? I hope so. I am sure you will learn to get along with him. Everyone is a little bit different but we just need to get used to them.

How is the work going? Are you still staying busy? I went out with the Sisters twice this week. They showed the "Because He Lives" video both times. I just love that video it is so beautiful. Have you been able to see it at all? Anyway we had some really good visits and I think one of the less active sisters that we went to visit is going to let them come back to visit her again. I hope so anyway,

Hilary and I went looking for wedding venues this week. I think we found one at "Le Jardin" in Sandy. It is really pretty. I guess she just needs to get engaged so that we can actually book it. After that we went to play with Lucas. He is such a cute baby. It is so fun to have a little baby around again.

How was your Easter? What did you do? Did you go somewhere for Easter Dinner? Where you able to watch conference? Did you have any favorite talks? I think my favorites this time were David A. Bednar and Jeffrey R. Holland. I like talks about the atonement which is what I have been thinking a lot about recently. I really liked them all and there was one other that I really liked but I can't remember who it was by. He was from the Seventy. There were also some amazing stories about missionaries and I really liked them and I thought of you.

Ryan and Carolyn came for dinner today. It was the first time they came since the baby was born. It was so fun to have them here again. I got to hold the baby a lot of the time. Jeremy, Hilary and Robert were also here.

Dee's family had a surprise birthday party for her for her 60th birthday so Dad and I went to Brigham yesterday for that. I hope we still get to go to Afternoon tea for her birthday also. I really like that.

I have started working on Jeremy's cake for tomorrow. He wants a Ferrero Rocher Cake. The cake is already baked but I still have to frost it. He wants a new phone for his birthday and I ordered it through Amazon and it came yesterday so that it good. Remember his birthday is today.

Because today is Easter I wanted to share some scriptures about that so the scriptures are John 20:11-18. I love this account of Christ coming to visit Mary in the Garden.

You are amazing and wonderful!! Enjoy your mission, work hard, pray always and obey the rules.

I will love you forever!


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