April 6, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

More Tornadoes

This past week was a roller coaster for sure. so do you remember back a little while ago when we had that run-in with that pastor guy who came and yelled at us and gave us a bunch of ridiculous rules to follow. so anyways, we have been abiding by his rules that he has set up that only we have to follow. we have attended his church, we have helped clean his chapel, and we have volunteered to help out with this specific service they do on fridays (which they rejected us for though.) and so on wednesday we are over visiting a couple people that we love to see. they were some of my favorite people to go see. and he comes and calls us shady. we do all of that stuff and he called us shady. i was beyond frustrated. and then tells us that we are no longer allowed on the property unless we go and watch some "anti" material that he found. so heres the thing that bugs me. i do all of this, follow all of his rules, jump through hoops for this guy, all the while, he is sitting in his place looking up things that tear down our religion, which he says he doesnt do. and then calls us shady. so that wrecked my mood for the day. so we then went to this other guys house who had been taught by the missionaries for quite some time now. and so i asked him if the previous missionaries had talked to him about general conference and he says to me, "yeah theyve talked to me about conference before. but here's the thing. i wont go." so pretty much on wednesday i was fed up with the day. so after that we went up to the blue and gold banquet/ court of honor they were holding. which was like a big ward outing. i had never experienced a blue and gold like that before. it was usually just the cubs. but this involved the whole branch so that helped my mood. cause i was just fed up with that day.

so yes, thursday night/friday morning we had 2 tornadoes touch down in my area, but no i didnt see either one, and no i didnt die. but so heres what happened. so last week we had another crazy storm. i was out in this town called wheaton, when one of the kids in the family whose house we were at says that theres a tornado warning, so we went and looked outside, not a cloud in the sky. so we just laughed it off. then i got dark and the storm rolled in i guess. we got a text from this thing called "imminent threat." and it shows up red in our inbox so you know that its important. and so it says "extreme weather emergency, take shelter now!" so we turned on the news and come to find out theres a storm that just produced a tornado heading our way. so me and my comp headed back for home. when we went outside everything was still. it was creepy. but over to the northeast we could see the storm. there was constant lightning, and i know i said that last week, but last week had nothing on this. the longest break we had between flashes was maybe 2 or 3 seconds. but the weird thing was, it was all in the clouds. so there were no bolts going down to the ground, so it just looked like the clouds were flashing. and it wasnt producing any thunder which was something else that was really creepy. thats actually a good sign of a tornade. so we drove home as fast as our car would let us. (theres this thing called tiwi that doesnt let you go 7 mph over the speed limit otherwise it contacts the mission office. man i hate that thing.)
​so we got home as soon as we could. and so we watched the storm roll over the town we were just in, then it stopped and changed course and started heading right at us. and as it got closer it built up strength and so now lightning bolts were being produced and making contact with the ground and crazy thunder and as it got closer and closer the lightning got more and more intense and the wind started picking up. i stayed up watching the storm until about 11:30. so i gave up and went to bed. i started dozing off around midnight and then all of a sudden BOOM! the loudest clap of thunder i have ever heard. it violently shook the house. i sat straight up in my bed trying to figure out what was happening. it was about 12:30 at this point. so i went and checked out the window and at this point the rain is coming down. i have never seen rain like this. im talking carpets of rain. and the wind at this point has picked up immensely and is blowing this heavy rain sideways against our window. so i go check our other window to see if i could see a tornado in the area. i go look out the north window and BOOM! lightning strikes the field across from our aparmtents like 6 times in a half a second and is just as loud as the last major clap of thunder. the house is still shaking. the lightning and thunder are going off every like 3 seconds so it was basically constant. so i went and emptied out our only safe place in our apartment that doesnt have a window. A tiny little closet. so i emptied it out and filled it with pillows and blankets and stuff just in case. so i just kept looking through all of our windows to see if i could see a tornado, but i couldnt see one. i was convinced there was one out there in the area though. so i stayed up until about 1 watching the storm. so the next day come to find out 2 touched down in my area. with the closest one being about 7 miles away. it killed 1 person. i havent seen the damage. i dont know where its at. i know the town it was in, but dont know where in the town it hit. and the other one didnt do any damage. but yeah that was easily the craziest storm i have seen in my life. everyone was talking about that the next day as if we had just lived through a war or something like that.

and then on saturday/ sunday was conference! so it was nice to just take a break and hear the leaders of our church speak to us. but we all know how i feel about long meetings.. haha so i felt that again. but like i said it was awesome to just sit down and relax for a while. i think my favorite talk was elder hollands. either him or i think it was elder renlund? something like that. from the 70.

so this weeks scripture that i want to leave with y'all is in mosiah. since its easter season and all, its mosiah 3:8-10. maybe even go through 11 if youd like. thats a good one as well. its king benjamin. he's like one of my favorites to read from. he is just talking to all of his people and something i love, is he is talking about christ. this is about 124 years B.C. and he says all these things about christ, even prophesying down to the name of his mother. so i think that that is pretty neat. well ill let you go now. so anyways have a great week! thanks for all you do! love you!

-Elder Olsen.

these pictures were both taken the day of the torndao. it was a pretty exciting day.


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