March 23, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

Learning a new language

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From: "Jeremy Olsen" <>
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Date: 04/01/15 12:00
Subject: FW: Hey

Here's Drew's email making fun of the way people speak. One could make the same argument about his spelling and grammar.

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 12:14:03 -0500

Subject: Re: Hey

so brett lunceford emailed me and asked me if i spoke a different language, so heres what i said, by the way, i think im funny.

so nope, im not speaking a different language, well, yes, im technically speaking english, but its more like hick english hahaha. ive got some vocabulary for you, first off, and im sure you know this one,

y'all: you all.
not too hard, time to get into the tricky stuff.

youins: y'all. (you ins)
fixin: about to, or trying to. (i.e.) hey, sorry guys, id love to talk with youins right now, but im fixin to go to work, howsbout some other time?
howsbout: how about. (hows bout)
holler: a geographical location. kind of like a valley or a canyon.

oh and for some reason the people around here cant say, "wash." it always sounds like warsh. im not sure where the r comes from but they just throw it in there. i think thats pretty funny, especailly when people are talking about warshington. i try not to laugh hahaha.

thats some of the stuff people have been saying. im getting used to it by now. i found myself using yall sometimes, i vowed never to use fixin though, but we'll see how it goes.

like i said, im hilarious. so the utes are doing well it sounds like! i rep it every chance i get. i miss march madness so bad. and all of the mormons around here, i dont really get it, but they either went, or have children who went, or have children who are currently going to BYUI so by assosiaction support BYU so i talk as much crap on BYU as i can possibly dish out. oh yeah, my district leader called me out on that the other day, people here love me, i promise haha.

so i freaking knew rise against would come through utah when i left! and i knew X96 would stop sucking once i left too! everyone is just out to get me. you had better go and be awesome. the things id do to see rise against, or even just listen to rise against right now. so have youins been able to play pool lately? theres this place in town put on by the baptists, its like a rec center, but its free. and i can go play pool for free if i want, i have only done that twice though, but nonetheless it was sweet.


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