March 22, 2015

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Hi Drew!!

How are you? Will either you or Elder Lopez get transferred this week? Our missionaries are on the same transfer schedule as you are. Neither of them got transferred this transfer so we are blessed to have them both stay at least one more transfer. I am really happy about that I really get attached to them and I just hate it when they are transferred.

How is the work going? It sounds like you are really busy!! Forty two scheduled discussions is a lot even if you didn't actually get to give that many. Do you have to go tracking a lot?

We had a convert baptism in our ward yesterday. She is 17 years old and lives in the Gardner's old house. I went to her baptism it was really nice. She had a lot of support from her family and friends.

I went visiting with the sisters twice this week. I guess we have a really high percentage of members that go with the missionaries when they give a discussion. It is pushed pretty hard here. I think that is part of the plan when they started this new mission. Do you have members go with you when you give a discussion? I think it is an awesome experience the spirit is always so strong.

Ryan and Carolyn are going to bless their baby this Saturday at our house. Carolyn's brother is going to be here from California and Lucas is still too little to take to church so they decided to bless him at our house. Phillip and Anna have decided not to come out.

The weather is really good here. It would be nice to be able to work out in the yard but I have other stuff I need and want to do. The want to do stuff was to go and help Carolyn a little on Friday and hold the baby Smile I am sure I will have plenty of time to work in the yard someday.

Cameron Whittaker's grandmother passed away this week. It is very sad. She had been suffering with Alzheimer's decease for a long time. Do you ever hear or write to Cameron?

I love to read your letters!! You can always make me smile. Try to stay positive even when you have to sit through long boring meetings. You will be able to feel the spirit and who knows maybe someday you might start to enjoy them. I know that seems like it will never happen but it does. Unless of course they are too long.

I was able to find your CD's. I found the Vocal Point one with Danny Boy on it and two Piano Guys. They didn't have a Christmas one available at this time of the year so I will have to get you that one at Christmas time. We will get those in the mail soon. I wanted to make sure that you weren't transferred before I mailed them.

So I posted your #BecauseHeLives picture. I hadn't heard anything about it until today. I guess the video will be available to view and download on March 27th. I am excited to see it. I really loved the "He is the Gift" one.

I am just about finished reading the Book of Mormon. I am on Moroni 9 so only two more chapters to go. So my scripture for this week is actually a whole chapter in Moroni 7. I have always loved the things that are written in Moroni.

Did you share a scripture last week?

You are amazing!! I can tell you are growing and learning. Stay positive and it will be easier and remember what Elder Lopez says, Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven.

I am excited to hear from you again.

I will love you forever.


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