March 23, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

So long Elder Lopez

So long to Elder Lopez! im going to miss him! he is awesome! so, the dreaded day came... transfer calls. so im staying here in cassville, but elder lopez is getting transfered to a place called... camdenton? i cant remember, its quite a ways north of springfield. its near a place called osage beach. which i guess is a really popular place, so hes pretty excited. but doesnt want to leave cassville. i cant say i blame him. i wouldnt want to leave the best area in the mission either! haha my new companion is elder stubbs! i came out with him! so im pretty excited about that. i wouldnt have thought id serve with someone from the MTC so soon after training. but it is what it is. i feel comfortable here in cassville and we will do just fine! im confident!

so this week was a crazy busy week. our craziest one we have had. so there was a while there that we had some slow weeks, then one day like 3 or 4 weeks ago we went through our area book, found some potentials, found some formers, and a bunch of others like that, and we did what im under the impression is called clover tracting? so we would go to the formers or potentials house, talk to them, then talk to their neighbors around them in all directions. so we found a couple less actives, and a bunch of new investigators and stuff, and ever since then weve been super busy. so yeah, we used to tract, but now we dont really have time to tract anymore. so this past week we ended with i think 27 lessons? that was our highest we had. it was super cool to be able to see so many people. and now that elder lopez is leaving everyone wants to see us today, tomorrow, and wednesday, since transfers are on thursday. so hopefully we can see a ton of people this week again.

No i dont think i did share a scripture last week. so ill share it this week. we kind of technically had 2 scriptures last week. we had a stake/zone conference on friday. and so what that was, was president came to our stake, and so all of the missionaries from the stake were there, and he came and spoke to us for a couple hours. there were a bunch of videos role-plays, and a bunch of other stuff to keep the attention of was awesome. the theme of it was, "Being a Disciple of Christ." and so the scipture we chose was mark 9:23-24. but after we had chosen this one we remembered that there was a scripture to go along with the theme as well. which was 3 Nephi 5:13. so we technically had 2 scriptures. this week that we shared with everyone.

Were pretty excited to start the "Because He Lives" initiative. we got a ton of pass along cards and so ittl be sweet. those videos seem to be a big help to missionaries, cause so many people watch them and want to hear and learn more. so hopefully we can get a bunch of people interested. cause there is no doubt in my mind that this video is going to be awesome! Thanks for the support! love you!

o i forgot to email this to you last week, but i ran into elder wilde at zone conference (and so we took a selfie.) the really long one up in springfield. everyone from the branch tells me it looks like ive been losing weight, i hadnt really noticed until this picture. i think i have!
he is from wyoming i believe. so neither one of us has any cd's so whenever you guys can send that package thatd be awesome! oh, and, if you guys see my bank account dont freak out, i accidentally grabbed it the other day at the restaurant. i wasnt thinking, so yeah, im not out of money, it was just an accident. haha well, i need to run. have a good week!

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 12:18 PM, olsenpeggy <> wrote:
Yes. Think you are right. I think you do look like you are losing weight. Looking good!
Where is Elder Stubbs from? That's kind of fun that you are getting a companion from the MTC. That must mean that Pres. Shumway trusts you. I am so proud of you!!


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