March 16, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

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yeah flourball was pretty legendary. only one person got hurt, and hey! it wasnt me! so this past week was really good! i had a great time this week! friday we had zone conference which was fantastic. there were like a bunch of zones there and got to hear president shumway speak to us and go do little workshops and stuff. we all know im not a fan of just sitting there and listening to people speak and stuff, well guess what? nothing has changed. yet. like i had a great time meeting all these other missionaries and seeing elder wilde (he was in my MTC district) again. but man that went on forever! elder lopez asked me that night how my first zone conference experience was, and thats what i told him. i said, "dont get me wrong, i felt the spirit and it was fun to go hang out with all these other missionaries and stuff, but man that went on WAY too long!"

oh i think i forgot to mention, this was up in springfield. it was weird being in a city, like yeah joplin was a small taste of city, but springfield had it beat. there was this one building we drove by, it was the bass pro shop. its the biggest one in the world. its massive! its like you took scheels, and combined it with cabella's. and then threw a mall in there somewhere as well. it was pretty big, i would have liked to go inside, maybe someday. maybe ill be serving up in springfield sometime.

so our week was crazy jam-packed busy. we had i think 42 lessons planned. and we have our weekly planning session (boring) every thursday, but thursday was so busy we didnt know when we were going to do it. so saturday we were going to go to the temple with a recent convert. our rules to go to the temple are: it has to be a recent convert, and it has to be their first time doing baptisms. and we had one who was eligible for that! so saturday morning we met up at the church with everyone and she wasnt there, so that pretty much bummed us out. so we went back home and thats when we had our only available time to weekly plan. but just an fyi, we didnt manage 42 lessons. that wouldve been cool, but it didnt happen, but its not about the numbers anyways!

i miss music more and more everyday, but elder lopez has some pretty sweet cd's. he got one ​from the piano guys that keeps me mostly sane, but kinda not really. but like elder lopez tells me everyday i complain about music, "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!" i literally get that from him on the daily.

so this picture is from zone conference, im on the 2nd row, like right above the "S" on "Lives"
the church is doing another initiative like they did for christmas, im not sure if you are aware of this or not, but so its exactly like the "He is the Gift" initiative, but for easter. and thats what that hashtag is for. for the "Because He Lives" initiative. were pretty stoked to be able to start handing out the cards for it and to see the video the church puts out for it. hopefully ittl be soon! oh and they said in the email that you should post this picture online along with the hashtag #BecauseHeLives

so this week it finally warmed up a bit! yesterday it hit i think our car said 78 degrees. it felt nice, maybe a little too warm. its still suit coat season. after conference i dont have to wear my suit coat anymore im pretty stoked to not have to wear this suit anymore unless i want to.. haha. well anyways, i hope you all have a good week, thank you for all of the support! love you!
-Elder Olsen.
yes i would love a piano guys cd too, did you listen to vocal point? if not, you should definitely listen to, at least, danny boy. theyre fantastic. so for the piano guys cd, could you get me a regular cd, and a christmas cd as well?

and yes the pictures of the baby did come through, he does seem to be sleeping a lot. im jealous! how is he doing? is everything going well? so whats his full name? i dont think anyone has told me that yet.

On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 12:26 PM, <> wrote:
So do you want me to get you a Piano Guys CD too? I hope you are enjoying your mission even if you have to sit through long meetings. Elder Lopez is right. Sacrifice does bring forth the blessings of Heaven. Just try to keep that in mind and if you have a positive attitude about things that helps. I am glad it is finally warming up for you. It is getting warmer here too not that it has ever been very cold here. All my spring flowers are starting to bloom now.

Did the pictures of the baby come through?

I'll love you forever.
haha yep you can have my cds when i get home, i need them for now to get me by though, id go crazy without them! and i need them cause yes, transfers are coming up. calls are this saturday! we expect me to stay and elder lopez to go. he has been here for 4 transfers. so he has been here for 6 months. and they aren't likely going to shotgun us out. meaning taking us both out and put 2 new ones in, but you never know. so potentially, elder lopez could be leaving in a week and a half. so other than, the pants, and the 3 cds, i dont really have anything else in mind that i can think of.

On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 12:58 PM, <> wrote:
Yes, I did listen to Vocal Point. I loved them!! I think this might mean when you come home I can have your cds right? I also like the Piano guys,

The baby's name is Lucas Ryan Olsen. He really does look a lot like Ryan did as a baby. I found some of the pictures of Ryan as a baby and Carolyn was quite amazed at just how much he really does look like his dad. He's a cute baby!! He doesn't sleep well at night yet but that is to be expected. Carolyn and Ryan are exhausted.

I will work on getting the cds for you asap.


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