March 8, 2015

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Lucas will be born tomorrow!

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I hope all is well with you!! Is Elder Lopez feeling better? I hope so. I also hope you didn't get it. Stomach flu is no fun. I heard from Phillip today and he is sick with the flu. He said the whole family has had is and he is the last one to get it.

I have been very busy this week. I had meetings every night this week. I even went visiting teaching on Monday night so I wasn't even home that night. I am really glad I went to visit Pat that night because she is leaving town later this month and I would have missed seeing her. She is such a sweet lady I would have been sad not to have seen her.

It is ward conference this week and we had visits with the Stake on Thursday. I went with the Stake Relief Society sister to visit one of my friends that hasn't been to church since September. I have really missed her. I have been by to visit her a couple of times and have asked her to come back to church but she hadn't come back yet. We visited her and I asked her again to come back to church and she came back today!! I was so happy to see her. We have really been working hard on missionary efforts in the ward. We actually even have a baptism scheduled for later in the month. It is for a young girl that is in young women. I mostly focus on the less active sisters in ward but I think that is really what I should do. That is what my calling is and that is where my love and focus is.

We are having the Relief Society Birthday dinner this Thursday night. We have been working on a quilt for Bishop Hansen and are planning on giving it to him that night. It is so beautiful!! We asked everyone to make a quilt block from their family for him. I made one from you too. It has your picture on it and it says thank you for helping me get here. It turned out well. I will have to send you a picture when we give it to him. Sister Preston organized it for me and put it all together. She did a great job and I appreciate her so much!!

Ryan and Carolyn are still waiting for their baby to be born. She is actually scheduled for tomorrow morning to have her labor induced. She is supposed to call 6:00 a.m. tomorrow just to make sure they have room for her and then they are supposed to be at the hospital between 7 and 7:30. Maybe the baby will be here by the time you read this. I kind of doubt it though because first labors are usually quite long but I guess it could happen by around 3:00 or so our time. I am very excited!! I can't wait to see what he will look like. I will send you pictures also as soon as I can.

We finally got some snow here on Tuesday. It is almost all gone though it got warm again. I am quite happy about that. I have some daffodils that bloomed this week so that made me very happy.

I love the scripture that you shared last week. I have finally gotten into the book of Ether. I am so excited because I just love the book of Ether. I especially love chapter 12 but I am not that far yet. The scripture that I have chosen to share with you this week is Ether 4:12.

I am as always excited to hear from you. I hope you have had a better week this week. Please tell me everything. Tell me all about the work and everything.

I'll love you forever.


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