March 10, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

Flourball with Joplin District

just a little background, i wrote this yesterday, the 9th. and our members internet went down, so i wasnt able to send it, so i just saved it as a draft and am sending it today.

so this week was good! a little slow, but oh well. so, sorry were writing really late today, but were over at a members again so i may have to be short. so this morning we headed up to joplin for a zone outing with the joplin zone, i think i may not have told you, but were in the monett zone. so yeah the monett zone and joplin zone met together up in joplin today and played a game called flourball. it was probably the coolest thing ever! haha so what it is, is you put a bunch of flour in a nylon little...thing, i cant think of it right now. but so yeah theyre pretty much like water balloons that don't pop, and you can definitely tell when someone gets hit, cause there is a big cloud when you get hit. so it was capture the flag, monett vs. joplin. we pretty much dominated. oh i forgot to mention, this was all held in an abandoned water park. so yeah, it was the coolest thing ever. they know the owners, so its not like we were trespassing or anything like that.

so congrats to ryan and carolyn! thats way exciting! haha yeah im sure you are pretty stoked to have a granbaby in utah now! hopefully all is well! keep me posted!

so this past week, like i said was slow, but sacrament meeting was..... interesting. this one lady who spoke, spoke for about a half hour about some.... interesting things, we heard a joke afterwards from a member in our branch. he said," there's some true doctrine, there's some false doctrine, and then there's some hmmm doctrine." haha it definitely was some "hmmm doctrine."

but on a good note, we are having a dinner over at an investigator's home tomorrow! they invited us over for dinner last week but then something came up, so they set up an appointment for tonight, this was the 2nd person i had even talked to out here, and she has been progressing a lot, so were pretty stoked! tonight is going to be our very first real lesson with her. were going to be teaching her the restoration and read from the book of mormon and all that so were really excited!

so the scripture of the week this week is DC 78:19. its just about being thankful and stuff, which is a good reminder for all of us!

ok, im writing this part today, the 10th. so yesterday after flourball we went to this place called freddy's. it was the best burger ive had since coming out on my mission! i was so happy, i had been to a couple local places around southwest missouri and tried their burgers, but it just wasnt that great, but this freddys place was pretty good! still wasnt the best burger ive had, but, it was still pretty good! oh, and they had fry sauce too, which i thought was pretty amazing. well anyways, i hope you have a great week! love you!

-Elder Olsen.


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