March 1, 2015

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Hi Drew!!

How are you? How is the work? I have been praying for Debbie, I hope she is still doing well and on schedule to be baptized. I had wanted to go to the temple yesterday and put her name in the temple but it didn't work out. I had too much other stuff to do. I had to teach Relief Society today and that is always a big stress for me. I am always so glad when it is over. I taught about some of the Women in the New Testament and the faith that they had in Christ. One of the things about the lesson that I thought was so powerful was that some of the women that had committed such great sins and yet that were still so comfortable with Christ. He was so kind and respectful and they were able to be taught and converted by Him. I actually usually really like studying to prepare a lesson. I learn so much myself.

I went visiting with the Sister Missionaries again this week. I really like to do that. Anyway I used your scripture from last week. You are right it is a very powerful scripture. It also happens to be the scripture that Phillip had on his missionary plaque. I thought that was interesting.

Lisa Rogers was released as the YW president today. They took my counselor, Mandy Erb, and made her the new YW president so now I need to choose a new counselor. It isn't something that I like to do very much. But oh well, it is what it is. Charity was also out of town this week so it was just me and Shanna Stromberg in Relief Society and I had to teach. It all worked out and we made it through. Sister Sherrie Jorgensen was there and she helped us out quite a bit. It is kind of like in my lesson today. Christ is aware of us and our needs. He cares about the day to day little things that we do and He will help us get through it.

We celebrated Hilary's birthday today. We had lemon parsley fettuccine and deep fried chicken fingers. I made Hilary a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cake for Her birthday cake. Hilary just got money but that is what she usually gets.

It was also Aunt Merna's birthday yesterday. I tried to call her both yesterday and today. I never did get to talk to her. I guess I will try her again tomorrow night.

Carolyn's doctor told her to get comfortable that this baby is going to go long. She is scheduled to be induced next Monday, March 9th is the baby doesn't come before that. You can never tell with babies. I finally finished some more receiving blankets for the baby this week. It is good to have those done. I made a few burp cloths also. I still have a couple more things I want to do so hopefully I will get those done.

It did snow a little here finally but it didn't stick. It has been such a mild winter. I really have liked it a lot. I think it is supposed to snow this week but they always say that and then they change their minds and it doesn't. I do hope it snows in the mountains we will really need the water.
Jeremy was going to go skiing last Friday but he drove up there and the parking lot was full so he came back home. I don't think he has gone since you left.

We talked to Phillip today. They aren't sure they will be able to come out at the end of March or not. I really hope that they are able to. I really enjoyed it when they came before. Amy just finished wrestling and is now swimming. She is on the high school teams. Devin is starting the process to go to school at Cal-Poly. I am not sure when he will start. I think he is still working on getting his driver license.

The scripture that I want to share with you this week is from my lesson today. It is John 4:25-26. This is the first time that Jesus acknowledged that He is the Christ. This occurred during His conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob. I love the gospel of John.

We got you a new Vans shirt last night along with some new socks and a long sleeve white shirt. We will get them into the mail to you soon. Is there anything else that you need?

Well I guess I should go for now. Be obedient, pray always, read your scriptures and stay close to the spirit. You are amazing!!

I'll love you forever.


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