March 2, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

Elder Lopez is sick

so this was a very slow week. elder lopez came down with the stomach flu last monday, well, we werent aware it was the stomach flu so we still went out and about, but we took things easy monday and tuesday, on wednesday when he still wasnt feeling any better we called sister shumway, and she told us to stay home for wednesday, gave him some tips, and said to call her the next morning. so the next morning, we called her again, and we were told to stay home again. so for two whole days we were stuck in the house. at least elder lopez was sick so he was able to sleep forever. i was not, i took a nap wednesday, and when it came time to go to sleep that night i wasnt tired so i didnt make that same mistake on thursday. its situations like this i really miss music. if i had even just one blink 182 album or fall out boy album or something like that it would have made those two days so much easier! but i made it through! and as elder lopez is always telling me, cause i like to complain, well, its not a serious complain, its more of a joke than it really is complaining. but anyways as he always says, "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!" i think he enjoys putting me in my place like that, it seems to happen quite often haha. but yeah this week was very slow. were thinking that debbie wont be getting baptized on the 6th anymore, wait, that just hit me that thats this week. yeah it wont be happening. she has been dealing with a bunch of depression and stuff so her progress has seemed to stop. but hopefully she can get through that!

so i pretty much think that everyone here is a wuss when it comes to snow. so a couple weeks ago it snows 6 inches and they cancelled school for a week! this past saturday it snowed about 4 inches, which i thought was funny cause the snow from the last storm had barely melted. and well, school was cancelled for today and they plan on cancelling tomorrow as well, oh yeah, and they cancelled church too. so that was a bummer. like i said, they just need to get over their fear of snow cause there was no snow on the roads past like 8 a.m. sunday morning. in my opinion, there was no need to cancel church, the roads were just fine, and then to cancel school the next day as well? a little crazy in my opinion. i never got a snow day...

so the scripture we are using for this weeks challenge is mosiah 7:33. again, anyone who reads this should share that with someone. its a very powerful scripture and you just never know who it could benefit.

well anyways i should be off now. so have a great week! thanks for all that you do for me! love you!
-Elder Olsen.

​its by a gas station called L&L. its technically like a suburb of casville? if thats such a thing haha its called hilltop. but so i dont think i will need anything else. maybe another muffin mix or two? i made both mixes this past week while we were stuck inside, it was the best way i could think to pass the time.

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Oh so I googled Cassville and couldn't find your street anywhere. Where is your house? What is it by?

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yeah he did, he sent me like $60 worth of gift cards! they will be put to good use! tell him that i was very grateful for those! i will let him know as well, dont worry.

On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 3:39 PM, olsenpeggy <> wrote:
Yes snow can be scary to people who don't know about it. I am sorry to hear Elder Lopez has been sick. Did Bishop Hansen send you something? He wanted your current address.
miss you as well! i hope everything is going well back home! i need to be off soon. so ill talk to you next week! love you!

On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 4:10 PM, olsenpeggy <> wrote:
Okay I will look it up again. I will get more muffin mixes too.
I love and miss you!

oh i dont have time to write back to dad, i would, but i just get really confused since you two still use the same address, and think that i already wrote back
so im not ignoring him! just confused!


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