February 22, 2015

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Brett is home

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Hello again!!

How is everything? How is the work? We are planning a big missionary visiting blitz the first week of March in conjunction with Stake Conference. Everyone on the Ward Council is supposed to set up two appointments and have two backup names in case they fall through. We did this same thing last fall with Bishop Hansen. It was a great evening. We didn't set up appointments in advance however. I guess we will see how it goes. We will all divide up with members from the stake or the missionaries and go and do the visits. I really enjoyed it last time so I hope this one goes well also. I wasn't able to do any visits with the Sister missionaries this week so that was kind of sad. They had to go with the 27th ward last Thursday and the two times they asked me this week I was busy and couldn't go.

Brett Lunceford's homecoming was today. He looks really good. I just love to listen to returning missionaries. The spirit is always so very strong. He talked about how quickly the two years went by and how much he had enjoyed his mission. That just made me think about you and I just wanted to remind you to enjoy your mission. I know there will be hard times but there always are in life. So enjoy all the experiences that you will have. Enjoy meeting and talking to new people. Enjoy feeling the spirit so close to you. Enjoy the new culture that you are experiencing.

I talked to Josh for a minute at church today. He hasn't been coming to our ward much. I think he is ether going to mission farewells or homecomings or to the singles ward. You probably know better than I do. Anyway it was good to see him.

Ryan and Carolyn didn't come over for dinner tonight. Ryan had too much homework to do. He is a little stressed with everything right now. His last presentation is on March 2nd. I think he is hoping the baby isn't born until after that. The doctor did tell them that the baby is getting ready to be born so maybe it won't be too much longer. Carolyn said that if she doesn't go into labor before March 9th the doctor will start her labor. So you will have another nephew at least by then. Smile

Aunt Merna's first husband, Ray Miller, died yesterday morning. He was living in Arizona and he didn't want a funeral or anything and wants to be cremated. I am not sure what will happen with all of that. Thomas and Heidi are very sad. Aunt Merna is too.

I also have some more very sad news for you. Mr. Sundall passed away this week. I am not sure what happened. Do you know if he had any health issues? I know he was very overweight and that could be it. He could have had a heart attack or something. He was actually the same age that my dad was when he died. He will really be missed. I read in his obituary that he was sealed to his wife in the temple so that is really good.

Amy asked me this week to temporarily be the director on the the license at Learning tree West. I did agree to do it but they are licensing next Tuesday and they are so not ready. I am not sure I want my name on that. Oh well I guess it is what it is. I just don't have the time or energy to put into it at this point.

Dad went to LA this week. He was only gone from Friday morning to Saturday night. So it wasn't too long.

Oh I also wanted to tell you about what happened in the ward this week. Peter Krauel, Myra Fellows and the Austins were involved in a rollover accident on SR 201. They were on their way to School at Skyline and someone cut them off. They hit another car and there car rolled. No one was hurt very badly. It was absolutely a miracle!! I was stuck in the traffic because I was on my was to a meeting at Granite District. I was sure no one would have survived that.

It is my turn to teach this coming Sunday in Relief Society. I am having a hard time deciding what topic that I want to teach. I can think of so many things. It is almost easier if someone just tells me what to teach or talk on. Oh well I will decide on something. I am reading some really great talks and Ensign articles so that is a good thing.

My reading this week is in Mormon and it is about all the wickedness and wars that the Nephites are involved with so not too many great scriptures. However there was one great scripture in 4 Nephi 1:15-16. This is talking about how happy the Nephites were before they became wicked again. We did have a great scripture in Sunday School today it is Mosiah 4:11-12. Our lesson was about teaching with love.

You are always in my prayers. You are so amazing and wonderful!! Keep up the good work!! Be obedient, Brett actually talked about how important that it to have the spirit. Pray always.

I'll love you forever!!



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