February 23, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

Snowball fight

i cant believe brett is already home! man i miss that guy! i wish i could have seen him, even just once, before leaving, but it is what it is, i was called to leave at the time i did for a reason. i wish i could have emailed him, but i never had his email, and i wasnt exactly smart enough to figure it out haha. cause most email addresses are: (first name.last but like i said, i didnt have that firgured out until just recently.

so yeah that is really sad about mr. sundell. i was hoping to go and see him after i got home, but yeah his health wasnt the greatest. but its still sad. he was a great teacher and helped me out a lot with some little secrets and tips and stuff. he will be missed. he was honestly the best potter i knew.

so this week we were finally able to set a baptismal date with someone! if it all goes as planned it will be my first baptism! the date is set for march 7th. it is an elderly lady who is a widow and is pretty distraught about the loss of her husband, since it wasnt that long ago. and she is starting to notice a different feeling in her life. she reads the book of mormon and every time she reads it she says its helps her. cause like i said, she is pretty distraught and cries like all of the time, but when we meet with her, and when she reads the book of mormon, she feels at peace. and she said she feels a sense of comfort. the main problem that weve been running into is that she has been a baptist for like 20 years and she said it would be a hard change for her if she left, and she is afraid that if she was baptized in our faith then would she be leaving her husband behind? so weve told her about baptisms for the dead and all of that several times, i think this last time we visited with her she was able to make the connection. so we asked her to be baptized on that date, cause on the 14th were having a branch temple trip, and she would be able to have her husband baptized as well. so hopefully everything goes well!

thats scary about that car crash, but you said everyone is ok! i will be keeping them in my prayers.

so our scripture challenge for the week is alma 26:12. i would also like to challenge everyone who reads this, (cause im not sure of who all reads this.) to share that scripture with someone. i can promise that it will be a blessing. whether its with someone who is a member or not. everyone could benefit from this scripture. it is extremely powerful.

so anyways thats about it for the week. i hope everyone is doing well. i tend to get a lot of emails from a bunch of people saying they get these emails and love to read them. im glad i can be blessing all those back home as well as out here in cassville. thanks for all the love and support! love you!
-Elder Olsen.

Picture 1: just thought it looked cool.
Picture 2: post-snowball-fight mirror selfie.

yeah we were a little busy this morning, but so anyways her name is debbie. oh and i have some requests for that next package. another long sleeved white shirt would be nice, these ones are getting a little gross looking, and the Geoffrey Beene ones are really small. and a package of long nike socks, these socks i have, i dont really know how to explain them, but theyre just weird. i dont really like them. and they are really thin. so i havent been able to feel my toes like at all this past week. so if you just wanted to throw those in with that vans shirt. i hoped you didnt already send that last package with just a shirt. if you did, i apologize for not remembering these last week. but if you didnt then it all worked out!


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