February 16, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

We get to play in the snow

so i realized that i forgot to email dad last week, it would be easier if you two didnt email me from the same email adress, unless he doesnt care too much that i didnt write him. but anyways so not a whole lot happened this week. last night we got some freezing raing then it snowed like 6 inches so that was exciting. we drove out to a town named wheaton today. probably not the best idea, but anyways the roads in cassville were fine, and as we went throguh exeter. the roads became perilous. but we continued! and we arrived here at the sherwoods in one piece so it was intense for sure! elder lopez probably doesnt know how to drive in the snow being from cali and all. so it was my day to drive anyway, so i took the wheel. we tried earlier in the day and didnt even make it out of the apartment complex. so we went inside. took some pictures, made some videos, played in the snow a little bit, and then went to go take a nap. i realized the sun was out right before i was about to fall asleep. so we tried again, cause the roads were all melted and stuff. then hit the road. hit exeter and the roads were crap from there. but we continued! were all fine and safe now, just getting home may be a little.... fun?

not too much happened like i said. there was a valentines branch party and it was pretty interesting.

so the scripture for this week is alma 5:40. fairly straight up. umm yeah i would write something more exciting for you but like i said not a whole lot happened this week. this morning was awesome getting to play in the snow though. have a good week! love you!
-Elder Olsen

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 10:45 PM, <> wrote:
Hi Drew!!

Well I just have to tell you that I think you are so amazing!! I am so proud of how much you are growing. I enjoy your letters so very much. I love hearing about all the things you are doing. I am sorry that you have to endure the Baptists but just learn to love them and never stoop to their level. Always be the bigger person. Remember they are only upset with you because they are afraid of you and don't understand what we believe.

I am so glad you weren't transferred yet. I think having another transfer with Elder Lopez will be great for you. I am glad you are making a team. It sounds like you are really learning a lot and feeling and responding to the spirit. I hope you are enjoying your mission.

I was able to go to some appointments with the Sister Missionaries this week. They found a new Sister that moved into the ward recently. I am not sure how they found her but I think she was walking down the street. The Elders were there too I think. So I am not sure who saw her or anything. Anyway, she is pretty young and is renting a room from someone in the ward. She is a member but is less active but I don't think she has been a member for very long. She wants help to come back to the church so the sisters set her up with a returning member form. She is expecting a baby and the father isn't in the picture so she will need a lot of love and support from the members of the ward. She wanted to have a blessing and so the Elders came over during the lesson and gave her a blessing. She is very sincere about wanting to come back and was at church today. I also went on another lesson with the Sisters to the Lairds. They seem to be progressing and it is so great to see how happy they are about it and their countenance has also changed. It was a great lesson. Then the Sisters went with us to do some visiting. We have found another one of our less active sisters in the ward that wants to come back to church! It is so amazing how much the missionaries are helping us to reactive the members of our ward. I love it!! Do you have many less active members in your area?

Today was Madison Ratcliff's farewell and Natalie Phelps homecoming. It was packed!! There were almost 450 people in sacrament meeting. It was pretty cool. The sacrament took a long time and they had to bless water twice. Jesus was there and so I went to talk to him for a minute. It was really fun to see him again. He said he is planning on turning in his mission papers the end of March. That is wonderful. Maddy leaves for the MTC on Wednesday. Brett Lunceford comes home on Tuesday. That means that you will be the only missionary out from the ward for 1 day. Just kind of a funny little fact that I thought I would share with you. Brett's homecoming will be next week.

Yesterday was Dad's birthday and we went to Lee's son's baptism in the morning. Lee's parents are here and we got to visit with them for awhile. It was pretty nice. Then we came home and dad worked on the yard and then Ryan and Carolyn came over and Dad and Ryan worked on Carolyn's car. Dad wanted Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner. Yes I know you are so sorry that you missed it but I am sure we can do it again we you come home. Dad got a sound bar speaker for the upstairs TV and some sunglasses. The sound bar is so cool it is bluetooth and if you play music on your phone it will play it through the speaker automatically. I will have to try it out tomorrow. Dad just always has the TV on so I can try it until he isn't here.

I guess you won't be able to email tomorrow because it is a holiday and the library is closed. That is kind of sad because I am off on Monday holidays and could read your letters right away. Oh well, I am not complaining because I think the email system is so great. It is so much faster.

Both Chad Spencer and Chris Maughan got married on Thursday, February 12th. We weren't invited to either wedding. That's okay I need to save up my vacation days. I think Phil and Anna are still planning on coming out the end of March. I hope that they do.

They weather here is still really warm. I have buds on my daffodils already. I would think that they would get snowed on but it hasn't snowed here yet so I don't know if it ever will. It is actually getting kind of scary. We have a huge high pressure system over us and it it causing all the storms to go up over us and then drop down and dump on the rest of the country. Are you getting any of the storms? The weather maps that they show on TV looks like it could go either way.for you. It looks like you are right on the edge of the storms.

Sister Cutler had surgery this week. She is doing okay and doesn't want us to bring dinner into her but we are doing dinner for her through tomorrow night. I just think she needs to rest and not worry about having to cook. She is such a sweet lady.

My scripture this week is from my reading in the Book of Mormon. It is 3 Nephi 25:2. It is talking about the Son of Righteousness rising with healing in His wings. I just loved it when I read it and wanted to share it with you.

Well I guess I should go for now. I can't wait to hear from you!!

I'll love you forever,


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