February 8, 2015

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Hi there!!

I am always so happy to hear from you!! You sound like everything is going well. I hope that you have had a great week. How did your exchanges go? Are transfers this week? You must be on the same schedule that our mission is. Sister Crites leaves to go home this coming Tuesday. I am really sad to see her go. I am sure she is having mixed emotions about it. She is planning on getting married fairly soon I think. She is engaged from what I understand. She has never said that but Sister Pontius told me. Anyway I will miss her. I have really grown to love her and all the missionaries actually. I really love being able to go with them on visits. I was supposed go to an appointment with them yesterday but the sister cancelled. It is a new sister that recently moved into the ward. I think she is and has been less active but I hope we can let her know that we will love and support her. We fed the missionaries on Friday this week. I tried to make Sister Crites favorite meal. She wanted meat and potatoes so I made twice baked potatoes and steak. They said they really liked it so I hope that they did.

Do you think either you or Elder Lopez will be transferred? I will wait to send you a Valentine package until I hear if you are staying where you are. I kind of think you will stay but you never know. Sometimes missionaries are transferred after just six weeks in the field. Sister Knight was. How are you getting along with Elder Lopez? He seems like a really great missionary from what you have told me. I hope it is going well. How is the work going? Are you working with anyone? It sounds like you are doing some great things with the youth of the branch. That is so great!

How is the weather there? It is amazingly warm here. We still haven't had any snow and we are breaking all the records for both the highs and the high lows. The spring bulbs are coming up with buds on them. It is going to be scary if we don't get any more snow or rain. We won't have any water this summer. We also had a wild fire in Utah County today. I am really liking the warm winter but I know we need to have some more water some how.

We had Stake Conference this weekend. It was so good. The Stake is really pushing to work on family history. I would really like to do something with it but I really don't know how or what to do. We are going to have a Relief Society activity on it this month and i hope that I will be able to figure something out then. I think it is fascinating. Do you ever do anything with Family History? I know that the missionaries here use it as a tool to get people interested in the church. We have a family history center in our stake and they also have to take turns working there. We also had the Mission President from our Mission speak to us and also the Jordan River Temple speak to us. President Isaac is so amazing! He wrote a song that was performed for us. He is such a great speaker also. I could listen to him speak for hours.

I spoke with Catherine Manser today after Stake Conference and she told me her son served in The Oklahoma Tulsa mission also. He was there 2009 to 2011. He really enjoyed it. He was there during the really bad tornadoes that hit Joplin. He wasn't in Joplin but was in Missouri at the time. So he got to help with a lot of service to help clean up afterward. I also saw Bishop and Sister Harris after the Chapel meeting at the temple Thursday night. They asked about you. I went to the chapel meeting while dad went with the youth for baptisms for the dead. I think it is so cool that you got to go to the Kansas City temple. Is that the one that is the closest to you?

Carolyn went to the Doctor this past week and they told her not to plan on have the baby early at all. The baby isn't really big yet but should still probably gain another pound before he is born. I guess that is good because I still have a lost of crocheting to do before he comes.

Natalie Phelps came home this week. I talked to her at Stake Conference. It seemed like she has a boyfriend. Did she have a boyfriend before she left? She looked great. She will report her mission next Sunday and Madison Ratcliff will have her farewell that same day. She leaves for the MTC on February 18th. It seemed like such a long time for her to wait when she got her call and compared to you it was a long time but now it is time for her to leave also.

I have been reading in 3 Nephi. I always new that I loved this part of the Book of Mormon. I love the things that the Savior teaches the people of the Book of Mormon. My favorite scriptures from my reading this week is 3 Nephi 20:30-34. It is about when the fullness of the gospel will be preached and about how happy they will be. Verse 34 says "Then shall they break forth into joy___" I just love that verse. We should all be so happy to have the fullness of the gospel.

I love and miss you! I am so proud of you for choosing to serve a mission and happy for you also. This will be a great experience for you. I hope you are learning to relax and enjoy it. How are you? How is serving in Cassville? I think it must be very different for you. It is such a small town and I think the people don't have a lot of money. The people are probably very humble though.

Take care of yourself, enjoy your mission. love the people, pray always, work hard and be obedient.

I'll love you forever.


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