February 9, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

Elder Lopez driving in the snow

so this week was a really good week! as far as numbers go, it wasnt our best. but thats not what its about. i honestly felt like this was our best week. we really have started clicking as a companionship and working really well together now! nothing too exciting has happened. but on wednesday, it started raining, then the temperature dropped to about 25 degrees, while it was still raining, so it was a nice little lair of ice. then it turned into snow right on top of that. we were out in wheaton when this all happened so i was pretty tense on the drive home, i still cant drive yet which is annoying, because you need this card to be able to drive, and i could have had everything i needed to be able to get my card when we were in the mission home, but the denver airport lost my bag which had my personal driving record in it. so i have sent it to them and am just waiting for them to mail it to me, but that still hasnt happened. but so anyways, go look at a map of barry county. we were out in wheaton when this all happened and had to drive in it, elder lopez is from california so he has never driven in snow or ice or anything before so i pretty much had to teach him the best that i could at the time. i was tense but we made it!

the one thing that was really... exciting? i guess. im having a really hard time keeping my patience with these crazy baptists always yelling at us. so we teach these guys in a recovery program/housing i guess is what it is. so in order to live in these tiny little 20x20 cabins, they have to obey the rules of these pastors that live on the property as well. they have some really stupid rules, they have to be in by 9, which we do as well, but they have to pay rent, so thats why i find that dumb. if they have any visitors, they have to check in with the pastors before they go visit. and they have to go to their church. they say they encourage others to go and investigate other churches as long as they get permission, but they never give them permission. they also have to check in and out when they leave the property, even for work. so thats just some of the rules they have here. so, we went and saw them on thursday, and were setting up an appointment for sunday, when one of their pastors just barges in and starts barking at elder lopez and i saying that we broke the rule of checking in and getting in our face about that because we didnt check in with him. he has never told us about that rule before so its not like we knew, but he didnt really make that very clear, what we understood from what he said, was that we had to call whoever it was we were seeing and let them know we were coming. so thats what we did on sunday. we were having a really good time and having a really good lesson, when he comes barging in again yelling at us saying we didnt check in with HIM and that if it happens again we will be banned from the property, so that kind of killed the spirit. but after he was done yelling at us and everything we tried to get back into the lesson. then the other pastor that lives there bursts in the door and starts like getting in our face about how he has major issues with the book of mormon and joseph smith and how none of it is true and how the bible didnt have to be buried in the ground. so he was just trying to start an argument, i honestly just let him do his thing, anything i was thinking about saying wouldnt have been good, we will just keep it at that. and i could tell he was bugging the crap out of elder lopez, and everything elder lopez was saying he was just shutting him down. so he could tell that, so he just bore testimony about the book of mormon, well, tried too. he started and the pastor guy cut him off about halfway through his testimony and just walked out. we were all just like"what just happened?" so then we were just discussing to them, what we were trying to say, when josh, one of the guys in this cabin, gets a text from him saying that, "from now on, when the mormons come over, they cant be here any later than 6. and all meetings must be outside where i can see them." like what the crap? so we all went outside, and elder lopez and i said we didnt want to cause any trouble so we just left. we arrived at our next lesson, when he said to me, " Elder, im really not feeling the spirit right now, so im going to need you to pretty much do this lesson on your own." so i stepped up, i said i would be able to do it, but id need his help if he ever asked any questions i couldnt answer. so we prayed before going in. and it was probably the best lesson we have ever had with this guy. i used to think he didnt believe the book of mormon was true, but after this lesson, something was different. he read about king Benjamin. he loved it. and said hed be interested in learning more about our church after this. so after this lesson we were both feeling good and back to normal. so that was the big event of the week.

so as far as needing anything, could you send me my utes hoodie? i need to represent. apparently its allowed, i wasnt aware. but yeah my zone leader reps his all the time so i need to rep mine too.

so saturday night we got transfer calls and this thursday is when transfers happen. but we are both staying here for one more transfer at least, so thats exciting! our current district leader is getting transferred, so our new one is elder cook, he is an english speaking elder so thats pretty sweet! so now when we go on exchanges ill be able to understand whats going on. but so yeah were getting one spanish speaking elder and one new english speaking elder in aurora. so thats all thats happening in our district. just losing two elders. im pretty excited for this transfer coming up. our district is going to be amazing. so thatll be sweet.

so our challenge for this week is ether 12:4 and lately weve been needing new investigators, so the missionary challenge is to invite one of their friends to take lessons from us. its kind of a big challenge so its a big reward. elder lopez and i will act out and make a movie of any scripture story of their choosing. so hopefully that gets people excited to do this challenge.

​so heres something i just dont get.this happens like on the daily. people just light everything on fire. leaves, their garden, garbage day, it doesnt matter, people will just light something on fire. this was someone burning their farm. we actually helped some guy on saturday burn his garden, so that was kind of fun. but yeah i just dont really understand the whole "light everything on fire." thing i guess.

so anyways ill be off now, so have a great week! thanks for all that you do for me! love you!
-Elder Olsen.
oh, i remembered! i would like a like a little 2 gig flash drive. so i can put some pictures on there. my more favorite ones.

On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 12:58 PM, olsenpeggy <> wrote:
Okay. I will send those things.
I also wanted to say, don't let the Baptists get to you. Just love them anyway. Pray for the spirit to help you get through those times. Bishop Hayes tells some interesting stories about the Baptists. Maybe he will tell you some sometime.

I love you! You are amazing and wonderful
Love, Mom

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ummm i had something in mind, but i forgot, so i guess its not too important. ive been thinking about asking for my first pair of star wars vans, the black and white ones. the ones with the storm troopers on it, but thats up to you, i would love it if you sent those, and i wouldnt care if you didnt. oh, so could you send me a black vans t-shirt? like a fairly simple one. just like a black one with white vans letters, or just a simple vans shirt that just says vans. like my one that i had that was black with blue letters. exactly like that one. so, the hoodie, a vans shirt, and if you feel inclined, those star wars vans.i actually dont care about the color if you cant find a black one with white letters thats alright. i dont care too much about the color. it just matches with the colors i currently have of everything.

On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 11:39 AM, olsenpeggy <> wrote:
Hi there
Interesting about the burning. My dad used to burn stuff. It gets rid of the weeds and weed seeds. It causes to much air pollution in Salt Lake now. You sound great! I am glad to hear you are doing so well. We will send the hoodie. Anything else?


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