February 2, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez


wow. january is already over. i have been in cassville now for a month! time is flying by. so i have very little time. the zone outing took longer than expected. we had a nerf war and played basketball. but so were here now, and the library closes in about 10 minutes, so i probably wont be able to respond to jerry, ryan, or hilary. but tell them they can write me anyways this upcoming week and that i will have some great things to say! (as usual, cause im awesome.) so it was a really good week! as usual, we got fed everyday so thats awesome. ummm so it was fairly slow, but i dont know it just felt like a good week! i went back out to aurora on exchanges again, i believe the next exchange i will be in cassville and elder lopez will go to either monett, which is where the zone leaders are, or aurora, where the district leader is. but yeah, either way, ill be the one in charge in cassville for the day, that makes me a little nervous, but im sure i will be able to handle it.

um yes i got the package you sent last week, thank you for that! i feel a bunch more comfortable now. now that i have vans and a crew neck, cause that was pretty much all i wore back home. so yes thank you!

oh so the weather got really cold again. which is a bummer. but hey, it like pretended to snow today so that was cool! but then in about an hour there wasnt a cloud in the sky, and all of the snow melted. but i was able to get a couple pictures.

so we the library closes in about 4 minutes so i will have to wrap this up, next week ill make sure i have more time when i write you though! so the scripture challenge we had for the youth for this past week was mosiah 4:9. and the missionary challenge we will had them do is to share a mormon message with someone. this upcoming week the scripture is going to be mosiah 2:17 and the missionary challenge will be for them to do an act of service for someone. so were pretty stoked about that! well anyways, i need to be off now!

On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 11:39 PM, <> wrote:
Hi Drew!

Wow January is already over!! I can't even believe it. It seems to have gone by faster that January usually does. I think maybe because the weather has been so nice here it doesn't make it feel so long. Is the weather there still really cold? I hope you have experienced some good weather also. I know parts of the country have been experiencing extremely cold stormy weather.

How are you? Are you enjoying your mission? I hope so. This is such an amazing opportunity for you. Are you still getting along with Elder Lopez? I am sure there will always be a few struggles with mission companions because everyone comes from a different background. I am sure you can work through them with the Lord's help. How is the work? I think your letters are just amazing!!

I felt really bad that I couldn't respond to your letter while you were still online last week. I was at the funeral for Keith. It was a really nice funeral but was sad. The family is still very sad. I told some pies over to Betty today and she cried some.

We had a baby shower for Carolyn yesterday. She got a lot of really nice things. They will still need a few more things but they are getting there. I still have a lot of crocheting to do. I tried to get it done before the shower but it just didn't happen. It seems like I always have way more things to do than I have time for. Merna, Patsy and Dee were all able to come down. Dee have me $25 for you. I will have to put it in your checking account for you.

Did you get the package we sent last week? I hope so. I hope it was what you wanted. Is there anything else that you need or want?

Oh I wanted to tell you, at the funeral on Monday I was talking to Marilyn Bevan (Johnson now). Do you remember her? She was married to Betty Fairbourn's bother and they used to live in the ward. Then her husband died and she remarried. Anyway the man she married is Carolyn Dugdale's father. Carolyn and Tim Dugdale used to live down the street from us when we lived in the other house. While I was talking to them he called Carolyn and let me talk to her. It turns out that they live in Joplin, Missouri. That is in your mission!! They live in the same ward with the Westwoods. I think you met Kevin at Ryan's bachelor party. She said she thinks Cassville is the stake next to theirs. If you ever get to serve in Joplin watch for the Dugdales and the Westwoods and be sure to tell them who you are. Bruce Westwood is the bishop in there ward.

I really enjoyed church today. I could feel the spirit so strong. I am really enjoying listening to Bishop Hayes speak. He tells a lot of stories about his mission. I just love them because I think they might be similar to the things you are experiencing. We also started taking a Sunday School class that is Teaching, No Greater Call. It was really good. I was going to share a scripture from my Book of Mormon reading with you this week. I am in 3 Nephi in the Beatitudes which I just love. This is one of my favorite parts of the Book of Mormon. During our Sunday School lesson I decided to share this one with you. D&C 138:56. It talks about how in the pre-existence we were taught and prepared to come to earth and labor in the vineyard for the salvation of the souls of men. I thought of you and how hard you are doing just that.

Please tell me everything about your week!! Oh I also wanted to know how your cookies turned out. What kind did you make?

I always have so many things to tell you that my letters are so long. Oh well. I miss you lots but once again I am so happy that you chose to serve a mission. I know you can do this. You are a wonderful young man!!

Pray always, be obedient, eat healthy, work hard, stay close to the Lord and be happy!!

I will love you forever.


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