January 26, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

A letter to Hilary

From: Andrew Olsen []
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2015 11:42 AM
To: Olsen, Hilary
Subject: Re: Hey

really? nope nobody told me. dang thats sad. she was really cool, she wasnt the best tipper, but she always had something to talk about and was pretty funny. so thats sad, but i guess it was just her time.

so that really sucks about you guys, hopefully you guys get married before i get back, you said it would happen, so im counting on it. dont let me down like fats. hes always letting me down. so i gave him a great motivational speech, i told jerry to get him to read it to him, so im also going to tell you to get him to read it to you as well. everyone could benefit from it. but so recently i came across mosiah 4:9. it just talks about how we may not understand everything, but the lord does. so you guys may not understand why it just isnt your time to get married yet, but im sure the lord has great things waiting. its just about the timing. we just need to trust the lord. he knows whats best.

so missouri is pretty cool. um its interesting though for sure, i heard that like 60% of our town lives in poverty, and i dont doubt that for a second. it is a very poor area. a lot of people are missing their teeth, and live in trailers, im still getting used to it, but im sure ill get there eventually, i feel bad sometimes when we walk into some peoples houses and ive got this pretty expensive watch on my wrist so i take it off most of the times and put it in my pocket. i hate not seeing mountains. we live in whats called the ozark mountains. which is a bunch of crap. they are just large hills. our area has a lot of hills. everyone just says, "oh thats the ozark's for ya!" no. you cant name hills like theyre a mountain range. i think sugar house park has a bigger hill than these "mountains." but oh well. so our branch has about 100 people who show up regularly, if we just had 25 more people who came every week, and it stayed that way for 3 months i believe? we would be a ward. were fairly close, not quite there yet though. so my companion is pretty cool. our personalities are completely different though. which is fine, im just not a big fan of him at times. hes one of those popular jock kind of kids, and im not a big fan of those kinds of kids, but hes really social and super knowledgeable about the gospel so hes awesome with that kind of stuff. well, tell robert good luck on the job hunting! have an awesome week!

-Elder Olsen.


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