January 26, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

Kansas City Temple

That is very sad news about keith. he was a great man and he will be missed. recently our neighbor's mother/ mother in law passed away, and we have an investigator who lost her husband about 8 months ago and she still struggles with that. so i am so grateful for the knowledge we have of the plan of salvation. That we can return to live with our father in heaven, and be there with our families for eternity. so we have been sharing alma 40:11-12 with them.

so the food here is very basic mormon food? i guess thats the phrase im looking for. lots and lots of roast, mashed potatoes, and just stuff like that. we have a family in our ward though that is from the Caribbean, so theyve always got some good food for us. the father is from Antigua, and the mother is from Nevus? im not sure how to spell it. but anyway yeah theyve got some great food and some awesome accents haha. but we did FINALLY have some BBQ. a couple took us out to eat at a place called BBQ station. it was some of the greatest brisket i have had. if not the greatest. i got what was called a Marple Bowl. so in it they have a base of mashed potato salad, and baked beans on that. then you had two choice of meats, i chose brisket and pulled pork, they put that on it, then on top of that they put coleslaw, sour cream, and chives. it was delicious. i am going to definitely go back as soon as i can.

The winter here has been extremely mild as well. just very cold. on average we are supposed to have had at least 17 inches of snow by now, and weve only gotten 2 1/2. which was in november, so i wasnt even here for it. but they say the real winters here are in february and march. so we will see how that goes. the weather here changes so often you just never know. people back in utah think the weather changes to fast, they have no idea. on saturday it was a very nice warm day, we were outside most of the day, ill explain more on that later, and yesterday, it was about 40 degrees, with a wind chill of about a solid 10. then today its nice and sunny and warm again. you just never know whats going to happen.

ok so on saturday we had the opportunity to go to the temple! we dont have one in our mission, but president shumway said that as long as one of our recent converts is going we can go as well. and we had a recent convert go and do baptisms. so we had a branch temple day, which was mary, our recent convert, our branch president, president pond, and his wife. then the brookes, which are the couple from the Caribbean. alex, the kid who "Broke into our apartment," and then the missionaries (us). so we woke up bright and early at 4:45, to meet at the church at 5:30 so we could make it to the kansas city temple by 9. so the brookes did an endowment session, and the rest did baptisms. president pond baptized alex and mary, elder lopez and i were the witnesses, and we did confirmations. which was a new experience for me, so that was super cool! then that was it. we werent in there for very long, but at least we were there! but then president and sister pond, and mary, all hopped in the pond's car, and headed back for cassville. so the three of us just hung out outside just on the temple grounds waiting for the brookes session to be over, we were done by about 10:30. oh and by the way, we didnt get there on time, so the brookes had to do the 10 o clock session, so we sat outside for about 2 and a half hours. but it was a good time. we got to just hang out, and take pictures and stuff. and like i said, it was warm outside, and sunny, it was just a great day all around.

oh and for the fast, no we did not go to the mission home. we all just prayed as companionship's at 5 as a whole mission. then ended the next day at 5. i dont recall seeing brother Hagedorn, so im not sure where thats from. we did speak on the phone though, so maybe thats where he got that from.

so this past week we started a challenge for the youth in our ward. they get to share 1 cor. 10:13 with someone, and post their favorite scripture on social media, and in return they get a reward of their choice from elder lopez and i. (within reason) and they said they wanted to bake cookies for them. so thats what we will be doing after we are done emailing today, but so i wanted to make that the scripture of the week for you guys as well. it really is an awesome scripture. we shared it with a bunch of our investigators this past week as well and you could tell it was something they really needed to hear.

so heres some pictures from our temple trip. anyways have a great week and thank you for all of the support that you give me! love you!



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