January 20, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

2 Nephi 33 :1

Yeah the Baptists... sometimes they can really get on my nerves, and the Lutherans as well, it just takes every muscle I have to smile and just shrug it off, they can either be really nice people, or extremely disrespectful. like I am just trying to talk to you and be friendly, no need to yell at us and tell us how bad of people we are. some crazy Lutheran lady yelled at us one day while we were tracting, she said she would pray for our souls, I just had to bite my tongue. luckily elder lopez is my comp. he just said "well thank you! we will take all of the prayers we can get!" she just rolled her eyes and that was the end of that. it pretty much bummed me out for the rest of that day. but oh well, everyone has their agency, that's what elder lopez keeps telling me when i get angry with people like that.

So this past week we had exchanges with the district leader, so I spent the day out in aurora, and the district leader came out here and took my place in Cassville for the day. the problem with it is, the aurora area has two sets of missionaries, English and Spanish. it so happens, the district leader is a Spanish speaking elder. so I spent the day just sitting there listening to Spanish. I thought back to the scripture that I sent last week. 2 nephi 2:4. the spirit is the same yesterday, today, and forever. cause even though it was in Spanish, I was still able to feel the spirit. I was able to tell if the lesson was going great or not so great. and I couldn't even understand a single word. i thought it was very fitting for the week.

so bowling last week. i had a great time. i didn't do so well though, the oil on the lanes wasn't as oily as at bonwood, so the ball grabs onto the lane and hooks sooner, i had to take a couple of frames to figure out that i had to hold the ball right on the edge of the gutter so it would be making contact with the front pin by the time it got down the lane. and even though i was able to figure that out it was still hard to work with, cause if it wasn't on the edge, it would hook in too soon and completely miss the front pin. so i didn't do so hot. we only had time for two games, i bowled a 107, and 138 i think? if we had time for that third game im sure i would've been able to do well, but oh well. i had a great time and im thankful the Sherwoods were willing to take us.

The fast that we had, was as a whole mission, leaders and missionaries. it was difficult for me to fast for that long. we had a lunch appointment on Saturday, which was good because the fast started at 5:00 that night. elder lopez and i had an appointment with this lady at 3:30 so then we could be done by 4:15 - 4:30 ish. then go home grab some food, then start the fast. The lesson we had was so powerful, we didn't finish until like 5:15ish. so we just started the fast right then and there after the lesson. so i went 28 hours without food, i was starving that next day. so then as we were getting ready to leave the house for our appointments on sunday we found out that we would be in Seligman at 5. and wouldn't be able to drive back home to eat dinner. i got pretty upset about this, so we just brought all of the snacks we had with us. then at 4 we had an appointment, i was completely out of it. like i said earlier, luckily elder lopez is my companion. he just kind of took over that lesson. we ended it at about 4:55 ish. then left. went out to the car, talked for about 5 minutes, closed our fast, and went to town. we brought chocolate oranges, cupcakes, doughnuts, Cadbury eggs, goldfish, and plenty more. we then finished everything we brought, packed up dinner, and off to the next appointment we went.

The scripture i want to leave you all with for the week is 2 Nephi 33:1. i don't need to be the best with words, i don't need the be the best at speaking to others. I just need the spirit there. the spirit is what carries my message to the hearts of the children of men. i can talk and talk and talk all i want, but if the spirit isn't there, they wont get anything from it. well anyways ill be off now. ill keep you in my thoughts and prayers. thank you for all of the love and support! love you!

-Elder Olsen.


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