January 12, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Peter Lopez

Bowling with the Sherwoods

so this past week, i think it was wednesday and thursday, were about 10 degrees, but with the wind chill, they said it was about -10. all of missouri was on wind chill advisory. it so happens that the 2 days we went tracting this week, were the two days of wind chill advisory, great timing. yes i would love some thermals, its way cold over here. but anyways im loving it. we have this awesome family in our ward, the sherwoods, who are taking us bowling tonight for family home evening! my first night there we went and introduced me, and they asked like what kind of stuff i liked to do back home, so yeah they volunteered to take us bowling tonight! they really are awesome, i love the sherwoods. they are a great family.

so continuing on about the work, im loving it. im still not a fan of tracting, but its apparently useful, pretty much everyone we talk to though is baptist and doesnt want to hear what we have to say. so that sucks but oh well. so theres this lady here in cassville, sister kelley, we taught her the restoration and asked her to be baptized, and she accepted the invitation! it was a very powerful lesson. it was our first lesson of the day so for the rest of the day yesterday we were in great moods. oh yeah, also for sacrament meeting yesterday i was the concluding speaker, im fairly sick of being the new guy, im called on to do pretty much every prayer, share my thoughts, and speak i guess haha. but i was fairly grateful for the opportunity i had to speak yesterday, my topic was: the sacred role of the holy ghost. so i went at it from a missionary standpoint and talked about how crucial it is to have the holy ghost with us as missionaries, cause even if we say all of the right things, if the holy ghost isnt there it wont matter what we say, they wont feel anything good about what were saying. Andrew Rytting told me that and it has stuck with me. when we were on our way home from my last golfing trip, i was telling todd and andrew that i was nervous about not knowing what to say or even saying the wrong things, then he told me that, it meant a lot to me. then come to find out the stake president was going to be residing, that really put the pressure on. but he said he wanted some time at the end to give some remarks, so i was more than willing to give it to him. haha afterwards he came and talked to me saying that he could feel that there was a sweet spirit about me and that im going to have a great 23 more months ahead of me and he says that im going to be a great missionary. he was a cool guy.

so we live in a small little duplex/apartment thing. its got 2 bedrooms and one bath. so not very big, but good enough. its kind of crappy, but im supposed to be looking on the bright side of things. so i guess its pretty good. not a whole lot to complain about. except that it is small and ghetto. but at least its somewhere to live. oh and we dont really have any BBQ here. there are some local places that i need to go try though, but other than that, none of our dinners have been BBQ so thats a bummer, but well go try some of the places eventually.

My scripture for the week is 2 Nephi 2:4. i love how it says the spirit is the same as it has always been, and will always be. i have shared that one with some of our investigators, saying that this is how it was when christ was here, and thats how it is always going to be forever.

​so theres this sign on the way out to Wheaton. as soon as i saw it i said i need a picture of that. so finally, we remembered one day and parked as close as we could to this sign and walked the rest, just to go get a picture. dont let it fool you though, it was -10 degrees no matter what it looks like. yep we finally had a sunny day, and man it was miserable. the coldest ive ever been. so its just mostly socks that is my biggest problem though.
​i decided i had to have a picture with it as well cause its just awesome.

Well anyways, have a great week! thank you for all of the support! love you!

-Elder Olsen
oh, so we have a car mission, but our towns in our area are so far apart, if we arent careful we will have to ride our bikes. we only get 1100 miles per month, and as of the 11th we were at half. some days we have put on over 90 miles, because of our towns. so that sucks but oh well. oh and in the next package, can you guys send me a pair of vans? just like a solid black pair, a crew neck, one of those sweatshirts without the hood, also black, along with some thermals? thanks. but yeah im super stoked about bowling tonight. one more thing, im really worried about josh, will you make him some rice krispies for me? hes been struggling ever since i left so will you do that for me? i know how much he loves your rice krispies. thanks! love you!


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