April 2, 2015





The MTC!!!

The MTC is great and I feel the spirit. I have the best district in the world! Only bad part is you sit down all the time. I didn't expect to like it. Only thing that is the same is the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Other than that it is nothing like the field. 4 Elders and 1 sister are going to Maryland while 3 sisters are going to Washington state.

My time with Uncle Jake and Grandma and Grandpa was great. It was so fun spending time with my cousins and I had a lot of fun doing random things such as playing with an Umpa Lompa Balloon, shooting hoops and other silly things. On our way there we went to the Discovery Center in the Family Search Center. :) It was awesome. In short, my name could mean Kind Hearted Warrior. That is so beast.

Like I said before, my district is the best. Everyone is so solid and none are here because there mom said so or because it is socially correct. They all had to fight their way here and many had many trials getting here, even more than me. I am so blessed to be in a district where no one takes anything for granted and give their all to the Lord. I have learned many great lessons because of the atmosphere that I am in. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there have been a lot of trials in our district. Everyone comes from a unique experience and their trials are just as unlike. I, and many other Elders in our district, have had many opportunities to give blessings insomuch that I was once terrified to give blessings but now I am starting to get semi comfortable giving them. It started out with one Sister saying she has needed a blessing and she needed to stop holding out on it. It inspired me to ask for one, because I was in the same boat, and it must have inspired others because we have been averaging 1-2 a day since then.

Last Sunday was Fast Sunday (where you don't eat, Isaiah 58:6-7 if you want more info.) Therefore we had a testimony meeting (were you share what you know to be true). It was very spiritual and I was greatly uplifted. I was prompted to get up, so I did and this is what I said according to my Ridiculously Large Plates (Journal). "The church is true or it is not, the prophets are true or they are not (I specifically meant latter day prophets), the temple is true or it is not. The Holy Ghost can not lie. I know by the power of the Holy Ghost that the church is true, that Thomas S Monson is a true prophet, and the temple is true (the closest place to God). In the name of Jesus Christ Amen." I know that these words are true because they are not mine.

I wrote this in my Small Plates (Study Journal) a couple days ago. I looked over it again and I found something that sounded pretty cool. "I promised God if able to speak, I would go on a mission and speak." I promised this a long time ago.


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