June 13, 2016



Elder Frandsen

New Castle, PA. Round 2

This week was cool :) This area is way more relaxed than my last area obviously.. Everyone loves my Cleveland stories though!​ So this week, we didn't have a whole lot going on, but Bro. Gould took us out to see some people a few times to get away from his wife. He took us to this cool family with the biggest dog that I have ever seen, It's called a South African Farmdog. They were bred to protect animal herds from Lions and stuff in Africa. They get to be about 200-250 pounds and look kind of like a pit bull. It can totally destroy anything that it wants to! I've honestly never seen a dog that big.. And this one was just a puppy still and only weighs 180! We wrestled it. Literally. And said we could come over and exercise their dog for them sometimes :) The family is a descendant of Joseph Smith, and just don't really want to come to church all that much. We are trying to reignite the flame! Look up the dog! It's crazy! They are like horses.. or bears maybe? We had our zone conference this week, and that was pretty fun to see all the missionaries. We learned a lot and they want us to try avoiding words that turn people off instantly when we talk to them. most people know that we are church people, and if we approach them in a more human way then we might be able to share something that will spark their interest easier :) So we try to avoid saying we are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, or bring up the word church at all.. It works pretty well usually :) We were heading to a dinner appointment 15 miles away and we had some time so we stopped at a random mobile home along the way. the guy was really open to us and new everything about us because he had grown up in Arizona his whole life. he was friendly and liked our message, but said he wasn't going to be worth our time converting and didn't really care to change, but he told us to visit his neighbor and his granddaughter 2 houses away. His granddaughter was great! So that was cool :) We haven't gotten back yet.. but she said she would love to talk to us! I think she is a single mother with 2 little kids.. So pray that she is open to us and stuff :) Friday and Saturday, we helped a minister of another church out with bailing hay for a couple hours. It was fun and they bail hay weird out here? I didn't think you could screw it up! but they said I really knew what I was doin, so I guess that's what I get for being from Morgan.. :) We've been working with Chris, Charles brother a lot. Charles is worried about him not following through with going to rehab. Charles invited us to an AA meeting to go to with him, but unfortunately they kicked us out.. :( I never saw myself getting kicked out of AA in my whole life. But it happened, and on my mission of all places! It was just a closed meeting, and we aren't alcoholics, so they don't care about our opinions.. I introduced myself, and Charles said that my intro was really good! The recent converts and investigators at church are my favorite part. They are all so funny :) We have a hard time sticking to our lesson plans, but at least we have fun! After church, their was an 8 year old that got baptized, and we didn't have a ride home so we got to stay! It was nice :) Sunday night I got into a pretty serious arm wrestling match with my buddy Floyd! We had his whole family cheering and stuff. He beat me though.. I held my own for going against a guy that coaches wrestling and works out every day! We have a rematch scheduled for next week after Sunday dinner! I think I can get him :) It'll be fun.. I'm still just meeting people out here.. but it's been fun :) I'm really loving New Castle and the experiences I've seen! It seems a little spooky and haunted sometimes.. I learned there was a sad story about some missionaries that fell into a river and drowned.. this city just has a lot of scary stories.. So it makes it kind of fun! Everyone is really spiritual, so they are very open to our message! Everything is going well and I appreciate all of you who stay in touch with me :) I miss you all and can't wait to talk next week! Good Luck and God bless! Alma 32:28. Give place in your heart for the seed! god will make the seed grow. You just have to plant the seed and nurture it :)



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