January 11, 2016




Elder Jordan Smith

Crazy Week

So this week started out alright. After I emailed last week, My companion and I went to the art museum in East Cleveland and checked that out. It was kinda boring and not to eventful to be honest.. But the train rides and bus rides there were fun!! ;) On Tuesday, I had to lead my first discussion at our district meeting, and we have basically everyone that's important in the mission at that.. But I nailed it. Of course. After District meeting we learned that we have to take our new assignment to visit everyone in our ward monthly and check up on them. In a regular area in our mission.. that's totally possible and awesome! But for some reason, a 15x12 mile long area, without a car, and having a ton of people that don't wanna go to church in West Cleveland.. But we had 22 names and we ran, biked, walked, and crawled our way to each house. Most of them twice! And we were able to report that we at least attempted to call twice and attempted to visit twice with everyone. It was pretty successful and we learned some stuff. We also were exhausted.. And compared to the other missionaries with cars, we had gotten into more lessons and they didn't even contact all their names.. So we got the outstanding missionary pat on the back.. Our awesome Hungarian family that wants to be baptized were to busy to meet with us this week, but they still came to church! So that's pretty cool :) My companion and I had to bless the sacrament, give the sacrament opening and closing prayers.. But it was worth it in the end. I learned that the fact that I am serving in this area is super rare and every missionary wishes they were in my area. It is still pretty sketchy! The stories are just getting old.. But here are the ghetto stories :)

So I watched a couple cars get hard core T-boned, luckily no outstanding injuries.. Me and my companion have been following some gang called 2wel a little bit.. Apparently they are related to the the bloods and crips and they are pretty big! We take pictures next to their graffiti whenever we see it! Well my companion does, but the pictures are pretty dope! The Spanish is coming along okay.. We only use it like 2-3 times a week so it's hard to focus on working on it. I'm loving the people out here and they feed us like crazy! Unless they be spending all their money on those power-ball tickets.. Haha that's a really big deal here! We were right in the middle of the dopest high speed chase on Thursday night! this guy floored it right down the street we live on going like 70-80ish and a couple cops came haulin around this corner and started drifting because of all the rain! I haven't heard what it was about, but there was obviously a lot going on.. There were a few anti-cop riots down by our regular train station that we had to walk through.. Just the usual crazy stuff. We didn't get eaten by any pitbulls again which was awesome! And that's about it for the week! It's been real awesome! Nos Vamos mi amigos y familia! (See you later my friends and family) Love you all can't wait to hear from ya!

Elder Andrew Craig Allen


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