January 21, 2019


Villa Olimpica Ward


Elder De La Cruz

Week 21--Why there's a needle in my eye

Okay so the needle thing lol [see photos from previous week]. So i got bit or something idk above my eye. It's been there for like 2 months so I was like alright, its gotta go. So then i got a needle, ice and a match. So I numbed my skin, heated up the needle and stabbed it. It did not do anything at the moment, just punctured, but nothing came out. But now it's gone down. It's almost gone. so that's why I had a needle in my eye lol

Dang that's crazy!!! Justin can pass the sacrament. Does that mean he can go to the temple? or does he have to wait? I imagine since he has the preisthood he can but idk. But how crazy!!!

Nathaniel is the cutest haha. He looks like he had tons of fun in the pool!!!!

Two hour church is pretty cool. except now in the extra hour we don't really know what to do because we have lunch at 12 so now we are just going home and studying. The people we eat with the on Sundays have been on vacation for the last month (the super cool siblings with the cool dog and i thought they were a couple) but they finally came back and the sister is got accepted to BYUI in spring which is so cool.

This gospel is great too, I love it and I know its true. I love God and how much love He has for me!!!


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