January 14, 2019


Villa Olimpica Ward


Elder De La Cruz

Week 20--Need some investigators to teach

The book Saints looks super interesting and i want to read it when i get home because church history is really interesting to me.

So Elder DLC is actually really cool. He is kinda a nerd lol but a cool nerd. We get along and have fun and joke around. He understands English and helps me with Spanish. Everything is going well right now. The only thing I could ask for is for our investigators to get baptized lol, and a little help with people being here. We make plans but a lot of times they fall through and I don't really know what to do then. That's probably the hardest thing right now but its not that big of a deal.

Elder Richards is in the same area as he was before but they changed up the Districts so he is in a different one now but he is still in the same Zone so that's cool.

Nothing else really has happened, just been teaching and trying to find new people. I'm like way more tired than i ever have been on my mission since I'm working so much more but things just haven't been working out.

But everything is going good.

[Elder Parks send these photos with a needle in his eye without explanation, so here you go.]

[Also, a few pictures added from previous weeks not posted.]


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