December 31, 2018


Villa Olimpica Ward


Elder Pereira

Week 18--Transfers Coming--I am going to train.

Talking to you guys was so awesome, but it didn't make me homesick. Really just reminded me how awesome our family is.

Can't wait for 2 hour church and i was really excited to start the come follow me study thing that's for the families, but i guess we don't get to do that so that kinda stinks. But it will be a great experience.

So some kinda big news, I have been asked to train a new missionary. Presidente Chase called us last night and asked to speak to me and asked me if i would be willing to. Of course I accepted, but i was freaking out, and I am still a little nervous. I know its going to be hard, which I am okay with, I just don't want to suck. I want to be a good trainer and stuff also that if i get a White guy which I probably will be cause there are only 2 latinos coming this change, It is going to be kinda hard to communicate with people, lol, but that will be funny i think. So i find out Wednesday who is my new comp. Luckily i am still in my area Villa Olimpica so that's sick.

Members have been super nice to us and one family gave us a present, and Sady's grandma gave us a little plush dog and a candy cane. Super nice of her. We haven't eaten a lot of tamales, which i was hoping for, but I was told this week we will eat more. Tamales here are different then the ones we do.


Photos (May not be in the order displayed):
--The last picture of the zone before transfers.
--The plush dog the grandma gave us.
-- pictures of me with Hermana Ester
- pictures of me with our investigator Alejandra and her boyfriend (because there was a chance i was leaving and they are going out of town so wouldn't be able to take pictures later)
- a family gave us presents and it was a shirt and chocolate


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