December 10, 2018


Villa Olimpica Ward


Elder Pereira

Week 15 -- Continuing the work

I just finished Alma it was cool, I really enjoy reading the Book of Mormon and the scriptures; it's really cool. I wish I had [read] more before haha.

Thanks for the pictures of everything. I loved to see Lucy still stealing your chair haha.

I miss basketball so much, i actually got to play today with my zone and I did way good it was so fun!! We also were eating at a chicken wing place and i saw highlights of the Lakers vs Spurs game and it was so cool.

This week was alright. I still love the Mission. I love being able to share my testimony with people even if its not as much as I would like to say I think it suffices. This week we had noche de hogars para Ilumina el Mundo and we actually had investigators or less active with us so it was cool. Its nice to have daily reminders of The true meaning of Christmas.

There was one experience with the single mom Milagro i had talked about before. She had her abuela pass away last week. We went and visited her and you could just see she wasn't taking it very well and she was pretty beaten up about it. Elder Pereira was pretty insenstitve and it just wasnt a good charla i was jsut like dude come on stop talking. It was bad finally he stopped adn then i got to share my experience with her about my Grandpas and also my testimony that i will see them again and eternal families.It was a good moment. She was planned to get baptized on the 8th but didn't attend, and shes going to be out of town until January so that's postponed for a while but thats alright.

Nothing else really happened this week. Oh i had this food called torrejas, it was like french toast in milk, it was pretty good. Something weird they do here is put everything in milk, whether it be fruit, vegetables, any type of bread, its weird but I'm getting used to it.

That's about it, this week we have zone conference and interviews with the President so hopefully things may change :)


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