December 3, 2018


Villa Olimpica Ward


Elder Pereira

Week 14 --Moving forward

I am looking forward to the packages, It will be nice to have something from home or idk it will just be nice to have lol cant really explain it.

We have had two noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) so far and they were alright, but its hard because i don't think the members understand that they are supposed to invite nonmembers but they were still good nights just only with members.
We had a day of service for "Light the World" at a children's hospital (see photos).
I went on divisions with another Elder and stayed the night at their apartment. They are more up the mountain so it is much cooler. For some reason they did not have any bedding, so I was so cold all night I could not sleep.
[most of this week Elder Parks recounted in a Vlog so not as much info here].

Picture run down

-i sewed my shoe back up
-pancakes with a member
-the tortillas are baleadas we made them for lunch, they are a food that is acustom to honduras, they are really good they have platanoes, been, egg, avacado, and you could put more stuff
- a member gave me a candy bracelet
- the picture of the family is the member that spoke English or liked to practice and she said i looked like Elvis haha! I dont see it but ...


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