November 26, 2018


Villa Olimpica Ward


Elder Pereira

Week 13 -- Lighting The World

OMGOSHHHHH!! Nathaniel is so big now and he talks that is so insane!! Thank you for the video it made me really happy!!! He's so big!!!

I can make more videos if you'd like, it was actually kinda fun doing that haha.

Haha seems like Rach and Mafoa are with you guys a lot. lol

Nothing really happened this week...Just went to members houses and scheduled noche de hogar [Family Home Evenings] for the program ilumina el mundo [Light the World) porque por misioneros [because for missionaries] we have to have 44 (2 cada dia) [2 each day], so we started scheduling them and we are working with the ward council to help us. I don't know if you guys are doing that or the missionaries are doing the noche de hogar. I'm sure they are, but it's where we go to members houses and they invite friends who are less-active or non-members. We have a lesson centered around Jesus Christ and invite them to the great sacrament meeting on the 23rd, so I'm excited for that.

We didn't have baptisms last week but hopefully 1 this week, and we should have 3 next week, and another 3 the following week; so, things are going good. This week went by so fast and its going to keep going fast because of our activities for Christmas con nuestro zona [with our zone]. Presidente Chase throws the whole mission a Christmas party so that will be fun.

Thank you for sharing your testimony. Sometimes when I am annoyed or fed up, while writing in my journal, I bear my testimony and it calms me down. I also listen to conference clips of Jeffery R Holland's testimony of the Book of Mormon. That's so powerful and I love it. Also, his talk on "Feed My Sheep," and another similar about Peter and the remaining 11 apostles. And there's this video called "The Atonement and Missionary Work." It is my favorite video, and I listen to that, too, and it brings peace to my soul. You should watch it because its macizo [solid].

Thank you for writing and all the pictures and videos!!!

I love you and I hope all is well with the family!


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