November 12, 2018


Villa Olimpica Ward


Elder Pereira

Week 11 -- Lessons, Investigators and Potential Baptisms

Answering questions:
We teach about 7-8 lessons a day. We have 10 investigators that are progressing. We have 4 committed to baptism: Two this Saturday and two next Saturday. We were supposed to have all four this Saturday, but with one we can't get permission from her mom, and the other has been staying with her mom in a different area. She comes back tomorrow so we can teach her the rest of the lessons she needs.

For finding people to teach we have this program called Five Prioritized Families: It's where we have 5 families, with future elders, less actives, people who returned from a mission and are inactive, and people with kids as missionaries and some other types. We always ask them for referrals. Sometimes we knock on doors.

My comp does this thing when we knocks on doors: "Do you know where so and so lives," and they will so no because I'm pretty sure he just makes up a name. Then he says, "Oh, okay thank you. Well, have you ever talked with missionaries before," and we go from there. LOL It's quite funny sometimes. Mostly the referrals work the best.

So this week has been good frustrating because of the investigators and stuff, but good at the same time. A big roller coaster of emotions. But I'm good right now. I got a brand new bed like totally brand new in its packaging so that was nice.

I hope all is well, I love all of you guys and hope you have a great week!! We do have an awesome family!!!

Photo Descriptions:
A little girl drew that picture of us while we were visiting her family

One of the kids named Miguel who is getting baptized Saturday got my camera and took pictures of me and my comp lol

-Miguel (one of the kids that are committed for this saturday) likes my camera so i let him use it and he took pics of me and my comp while talking to someone

-my new bed

- The darker boy who took a selfie is a member who helps us teach with Miguel and his brother Carlos

-The picture of me and the two kids and my comp (from left to right) Juan Carlos, Me, Miguel, and My Comp (Elder Pereira).

- The selfie of the lighter skinned boy is Miguel

-Then the pic of me and the darker kid: His name is Angel

- The street and Juan Carlos

-They have cupcakes colored for the holidays so green and red for Christmas and purple and orange for Halloween


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