November 5, 2018


Villa Olimpica Ward


Elder Pereira

Week 10 - Frustration, Cancellations and fun.

Ugh! So we have 2 investigators that have expressed they believe and want to get baptized. They each only need to attend church one more time. One has an because she lives with her grandma, and on weekends spends it with either her mom or her dad, so it's hard for her to come. The other just makes excuses and it's so frustrating. There's another family whose situation is kind of weird. The mom and daughter have taken lessons from the missionaries before us and have been interested because the mom recently had a death in the family. Now the dad is back form working and he is a different religion. He listens to us and participates. I can tell he wants to follow Jesus, and I have a feeling if they come to church that they will desire to be baptized, but they never come, so that is also frustrating. Also, a lot of our appointments get cancelled, but its bitter sweet, because we have been able to find new people and have other experiences with people that we wouldn't have had.
Spanish is so annoying sometimes because i just want to speak to people but cant. I feel like I'm progressing super slowly.
I'm excited to start the "Light the World" initiative. I love Christmas so much.
Oh last week i forgot to write about we had zone p-day and we got together and played kick ball, water balloon volleyball and dodgeball with California "snow balls" so it was cool.

Picture Discriptions:
I got a fat hamburger with ham, bbq chicken, bacon, and the patty.
IDK if you can tell but i got a little sunburn form zone p-day and my watch left a tan mark.
they have banana soda, it kinda taste like a weird version of creme soda


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