October 23, 2018


Villa Olimpica Ward


Elder Pereira

Week 8 -- Where I may have Dengue fever, the language is tough, the stomach churns, but things are okay.

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. We had zone conference and I didn't know about it until after our writing time. So this week was okay. I felt really sick one day so i called the nurse and she said for me just to rest because there were cases of Dengue fever in my area, so all of Saturday I just rested and read scriptures (which i really enjoy doing now). It really helped me because that day I was super home sick. That day really let me just think and ponder on my purpose. I am again super excited to be here and I love it here. I get discouraged when I can't understand. I just want to speak English because even if I don't get a lot of baptisms, I still know what I'm saying and I am doing my job of preaching the gospel, but I know that with some time I can do it with Spanish, too. It's just hard sometimes because I feel like I'm behind all the other elders, but I have faith and patience. I am still happy to be here, and I have stopped worrying about home so much. My stomach is always churning though, no matter what I eat, so that's not fun- but I'm doing good.

Just a few things I thought to tell you is. Horchata here is not good. American or i guess Mexican Horchata is way better (I keep forgetting that Mexican things are different than here lol --like these people aren't Mexican). My comp has living scriptures so we watched a few and I forgot how cool they were.
I hope you guys are doing awesome!!! By the way, I met your friend's son. Love you guys!

Photo Descriptions (In reverse order of how they posted below):
-the food is all the stuff i bought my first week because i missed America
-the pumpkin juice is something the President's wife got us-- it was for Halloween and we also got a bag of candy, but i thought it was cute
- the elder is Dad's old friends son Elder Rhoton
-the pictures of me with nerds is a meme caption is "look im eating jims" its from the office
- and that's me and my comp


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