October 15, 2018


Villa Olimpica Ward


Elder Pereira

Week 7 --First week in Honduras--all is great, except the language barrier.

Okay so now lets start with my companion. He is super cool. He's been out a year and his name is Elder Perreira. Idk how to pronounce it well lol. But he is from Paraguay and speaks no English, so that's super hard. I have no idea what anyone is saying and that's the only real problem I have. It rains here a lot but I love walking in the rain because I feel like I'm working hard. The first few days all I thought about was my homecoming and how great it was going to be and it made me want my mission to be over already, but I found this book I brought by John Bytheway, called How to be an Extraordingary Missionary. It's so great. It has really helped me love this place and I know once I learn the language I will want to stay here for a long time. The food here is great except one thing: They give you this type of cheese, just a block of it, and it's the most disgusting thing. I almost threw up finishing it and now I can't eat anymore so idk what I'm going to do. The members here are amazing and super nice. We've had dinner at people's houses and there's three families that are super awesome: One is a young couple and they live in a really nice house. Another is a family that also lives in a nice house, they have older kids, and one just came back form a mission to Oakland in August. The other is our land lady. Her family is so nice. They have 2 little girls. who are so cute. But yeah, everything is cool here except the language barrier.

My house is nicer than i thought it was going to be. Its really small, smells, and its super dirty, but I'm going to clean it hopefully today. But we have hot water, and we have a washer and dryer her name is Juanita. I'm just kidding. We just have a washer and dryer. So that's awesome. My bed is alright. Nothing horrible, but nothing to write home about ( pun intended)

So i just found out that 2 missionaries got mugged lol. He got punched in the face so that's pretty funny, but crazy. Elder Richards ( my old companion from the MTC is in my district) pretty cool. So i thinks that's about it. I love you. Hope you are doing great. Please share the email with everyone because i cant write everyone. And the blog sounds awesome.

Photo Descriptions:
Most are the room before cleaning it.
The last shows the area he is working (from ward finder)


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