September 12, 2018


Guatemala City MTC


Elder Richards

Week 2 --Food Poisoning, Haircuts and Other Fun

I loved the family pictures they made me happy, to see Mafoa [Nathaniel] and all of our beautiful family. Tell the kids i miss them for me.

So this week was great except two major things. I'll add those later. I love my District. We are super tight. Spanish is coming along okay and I've taught two new fake investigators and i think its going well with them. So bad things: One, THEY SHAVED MY HEAD. I've come to terms with it and now i don't have to do my hair in the mornings. 2. I'm extremely sick, me and two other elders ate two chimichangas and some not so good fish with ice cream and this juice we love and we've been in and out of the bathroom nonstop for the last 15 hours. Definitely not fun.

The temple is cool. we do the session in English right now because there's way more Americans then Latins. I go every p-day, but not today since I'm dying. I am in so much pain my body aches, but I'll be good in a little, so don't worry, and i am getting really close with the other two elders since we go into the bathroom together and we each have our own designated stall now (lol) and sing and try to forget that we are in pain. But good week other than those 2 things. I like the elders in my zone. I don't know all of them but the people i do know they are super cool

We have sports everyday and I can play basketball but the rims and back board are weird so i had to adjust my shot accordingly and I've talked to other basketball players and they've all said that the courts are weird so I don't like playing too much. I usually play volleyball. I did play basketball and did well one day but my shoe now has a hole in it. Sometimes we will play dodge ball as a district and that's fun because I miss competing for stuff. The feeling of winning is fun. I do pretty decent but sometimes i do dumb stuff to get out.

There are way more Americans than I thought so its hard to always speak Spanish, but I'm getting there.

Photos Descriptions:
--pictures of my getting my head shaved. me not happy about it
--the random selfie and two pictures of the guys are the trio. We all got food poisoning and bonded together while we were sick. It's Elder mcbride and elder harrow.


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