September 5, 2018


Guatemala City MTC


Elder Richards

Week 1

It's going awesome! I love it here! I am learning a lot of Spanish pretty quickly, and got called as a district leader. I love my district, they are so cool. District leader is cool but also a lot of responsibility but it is making me learn Spanish more since i have to talk in Spanish during the meeting. My teachers are super cool--I have two; both are hermanos from Guatemala. The food here is great and my companion is awesome he is from Utah and played water polo. I'm loving dressing up everyday. The first few days were really tough on me but now I'm doing amazing. I'm so glad to be here and it's really awesome. Me and my companion (elder richards) teach an investigator, who is really just our teacher Hermano Herrera, but he makes it hard kinda. We get to teach in Español y it has been going really well for us. I like it because we just write down little notes of what we want to say and let the spirit guide us. Elder Richards and I teach together as one unit and i think that's why we are having success, knock on wood. I'm making a lot of friends that aren't even in my district so that's super cool. Until next week

Photos: With Elder RIchards, in the MTC dorm, a cool yellow shirt I purchased at the MTC, The Guatemala City Temple (the short blonde white one i have a solo pic with is elder mcgraw super cool guy pretty much my mentor in the ccm, the tall tan one is my comp elder richards)


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