November 2, 2020


Mission Ward, Riverside Stake


Elder Jacob Garner

So like... do we have Covid or...

Hello all!! this week was good—lots of things happened.
it was Elder Tingey's last week in the mission! :(( it was really nice to be in this apartment with him, SUCH a tender mercy for ya boi! I have enjoyed it quite a lot. we had an exchange this week and it was tons of fun, we looked for folks to teach outside and just talked about the good old times in Argentina. we realized that my first exchange in the mission was with him, and his final exchange was with me. tender!! uwu
and on top of that, we had transfers—Elder Garner has shipped off for Lake Elsinore and I am staying in Riverside with an Elder Cardiel that I have yet to meet. It looks like he is waiting to go to Uruguay so I will be teaching him about MATE!!! what whattttt. and about how everything in Argentina is better lol. 
we had a cool Halloween over here in Riverside, we worked until 5 and met some awesome members! good old Spanish land over here. we shared with them the spookiest story in the Bible in Ezekiel 37, and then talked about the BoM. see if you can find the relations!! Ezekiel 37:1-17 I think. and then we played some games with other missionaries to end the night and waited on transfer calls
oh yeah for the subject line! so Elder Brady and Elder Garner have had some covid like symptoms which is pretty sad because now we all have to drive down to Temecula to get a blood test lol. The place for the nasal test here in Riverside is closed so we need the blood test which is faster anyway and Elder Tingey is going home tomorrow so we kind of need results fast hahaha. idk what happens if they test positive for it... we'll definitely all have to self quarantine for 10 days or something which I don't super want to do 😠other than that, my friend Elder Aamodt got transferred to Riverside! He was my district leader in Menifee and he is the one who caught me when I fainted on my birthday lol. big Pokémon hours! 
other than that, my memory is totally failing. we lost a decent amount of time with random things and weren't able to find that many people, which is a big bummer but oh well. 
Other than that, my memory is totally failing so that's what you get today! hope everyone had a spooky weekend 
Halloween zone activity fun service!my friend elder Zierenberg and me matching rip elder Garner :((this is the way 


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