October 12, 2020


Mission Ward, Riverside Stake


Elder Jacob Garner

Mini transfers

BEFORE you get bored and skip to the end, just know I'm still looking for friends to whom to write letters!! I'm not very good at it but it's probably cool to get letters in your mailbox idk just try it tho 👉🏻👈🏻 let me know if you want me to send one to your address!! 
Hello all, I am still living over here in the land of California! Crazy that I'm in the middle of my third transfer in this state, and that I got kicked out of my beloved Argentina already more than 6 months ago. Ever more proof that time is a construct that is inconsistent 😤
In order to accommodate for all the new missionaries coming in, we have been having two short 3 week transfers to get everyone in their right areas! The first 3 weeks is ending today, and Elder Garner and I are staying the same here in the Mission Ward! This is the Spanish ward with 5 companionships (soon to be 6) which is an insane amount for one ward lol, but so we were living with the Zone Leaders, my boy Elder Tingey and Elder Messenger who is from Arizona! Except now Elder Messenger is AP so our old district leader Elder Brady from Vegas is going to be our other zone leader here! We're so excited!
I know these are just random names to most people but this is exciting stuff as a missionary 😂🥺But yeah, so now Elder Garner and I will live with Elder Tingey and Elder Brady, who is reassigned from Mexico and who went to Palo Verde in Vegas! (same school as my cousins)
I think I forgot to talk about my glasses breaking but... surprise they broke! 
The work here is going slowly, though it is going. boldy and nobly, some might even say independently. I have been taking the time to really get to know myself better and try and find out what's impeding me from getting to feel the Spirit more, and that has been a process! I'm still trying to find more about and see what things are contributing or deterring from me teaching with and feeling the spirit, but I definitely think it's something that everyone can do. I challenge each of you to look for things in your life that impede you from feeling the Spirit (aka God's love, wisdom, advice, counsel, etc) and find out how to get rid of them! sometimes it's as easy as deleting songs off of a Playlist, and sometimes it is a bit of a longer process, but I know that as we make efforts to do these things, the Lord will see that and will bless us for this I'm not sure if impede is a word in English but I hope it's understood igual 😂 think of impediment? 
But yeah. Keep chugging along everyone! There are promises all around that as we do our best we will be blessed. So good luck with that this week! 


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