September 28, 2020


Mission Ward, Riverside Stake


Elder Jacob Garner

Che, q mate tomás vos avr, and AM I a third time uncle yet or no

This week was good! Honestly even though we worked a lot we weren't able to get a lot done because we are sort of in whitewash opening the Mission 5 Area—the zone leaders were partly in this area last transfer and we live together so that's helpful haha. However, we didn't have the technology part of record keeping for the first half of the week which made it rough to get into contact with anyone. So we have been messaging tons of new friends on Facebook!!
So randomly I have made connections with a lot of folks in this zone haha. To give you an example, Elder Tingey (first zl from argentina) and I were talking about our friend, Elder Giolas. When we said his name, Elder Garner (my companion) was like "wait... this guy??" and showed us a picture of Elder Giolas and him in the MTC together 😂
Elder Messenger is Elder Tingeys companion, and he is from Gilbert! We know plenty of people in common so that's cool to talk about as well, haha
And of course it wouldn't be complete without having Elder Brady, who went to Palo Verde with my (now missionary) cousins in Las Vegas, and Elder Klippel, who is from Surprise and knows my good friends the Algers. so yeah!
This week Elder Garner and I made a Facebook series in an attempt to attract Spanish speaking people in Riverside, you need to give it a watch! The page is called "Discípulos de Jesucristo en Riverside" and Fridays are when Elder Garner and I will be putting up our videos. Gracias!
Speaking Spanish has been super cool. I'm realizing now how many things I say are particular to Argentina, and are not the same down here in Little Mexico. I don't mind though, I still like my old slang!! And Elder Tingey and I get to just talk aboit Argentina and all those slangs all the time haha.
On that note, I have drunk so much máte these past few weeks. I'm all honesty I thought it wasn't affecting me but we had fast Sunday yesterday and boy oh boy was that rough. (pero che, se toma el mate durante el ayuno, no? no?? es así no??... nel) but I survived and now I get a whole nother month before I have to go cold turkey, so there's that
Also while Elder Garner and I were filming our video we went to a little panadería (bread store, kind of) across the street and we were gonna buy some bread and ask the owners to be in our video! But then, we ended up filming the video and then he GAVE us some sweet bread, and Coke. it was so nice!
In my studies this week I've learned that the Book of Mormon is 👏🏻 so 👏🏻 cool 👏🏻. My mother gave me a journal edition for my birthday, which has fat margins so you can write all the notes you want, and it's been awesome! I've been trying to really take my time on each chapter and use different colors to mark different things! I'm not very organized in a lot of things, so to me it really makes a difference if I can see all those colors in their straight lines then somehow I get more out of it.
Also somehow the time has shot by and it's time for General Conference again!!! Fun fact, although I have been out for like 10.5 months, I have not had a general conference in the mission yet. I left like 2 weeks after the October 2019 conference, and I came home like 3 days before the April 2020 conference! 😂 but I am excited all the same, the classic rumors are going around again but I advise everyone to pray for the spirit of discernment if you want help meting out the rumors 😂
Anyways, I can't think of anything else so that's all! Oh and today Elder Messenger and I are gonna challenge the ASL elders to spike ball at our mission president's house. Arizona vs. ASL—who will win??? Tune in next time to find out

あなたたちを愛してるよ!! ありがとう、また :)) (I love you guys! !! Thank you again :))


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