September 15, 2020


La Piedra Ward, Menifee, California


Elder Jonathan Austin

Goodbye, nurse dreams

hello friends, hope everyone is doing well this week! your boy is good and well, but had some experiences this week that could have made him otherwise! lol keep reading for more
so I had a birthday this week so that was fun! I got lots of well wishes from lots of members and missionaries and I'm so so grateful for that! Some members had us over that night and sleuthed around on Facebook and found out it was my bday and they made us brownies <3 and then a brother took us to get ice cream! such an awesome ward here.
so that morning we had a service in someone's back yard where they had a horse and the poor thing had had an eye problem and had to get some work done on it while we were there, so I (being the genius that I am) decided to watch this mans stick a fat syringe into the horses eye and then my body decided it didn't want to support its own weight and that it didn't want to remain conscious 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ so fainting on my birthday was not part of the plan but its a cool story! so there's that haha.
then, that night we went over to some elders apartment for a small birthday celebration and ended up staying the night in their extra beds. the next morning we woke up and noticed that our bikes were definitely missing so we also got our bikes stolen, which was pretty unfortunate
there were lots of good moments though! we had an amazing zone conference where the Spirit was so strong and I learned so much about feeling and teaching with the Spirit. go team!
another good moment was when we were teaching our friend Chloe! Chloe is genuinely interested in learning more about how the Bible and the Book of Mormon work together, and about our church in general. During one of our lessons this week she told us that she had been stressing about the lesson all week because she couldn't answer all of her questions with what was in the Bible, and we had different copies of the Bible so that was probably confusing, and she was just a little at a loss. I told her that that struggle was exactly what she was supposed to experience!! the Book of Mormon helps us understand the Bible, because many plain and simple truths of it were lost. while lots of people think that the Bible is without flaws and there can be no other truth that's not in the Bible...and it's probably not exactly that way 🤷🏻‍♂️ Topical Guide: Scriptures, Lost haha
anywho. we try not to break people's ideals and religions down, just build them up! : ) such is the message hehe. a scripture I was thinking about when studying to teach this girl was 2 Nephi 29: 6-11 or so. great words that remind us that God speaks to all His children!
Today we had a great Pday, we played monkey on the ground, or sandman as some people say here, and it was tons of fun!! just getting to like climb around a park is super legit lol.then we went shopping and hung out with the zone, played Pokémon, etc
but yeah that was kind of my week! we have transfers coming up next week so on Saturday we find out if Elder Austin and I stay or if one of us leaves. he just got to our area last transfer and I am finishing my 2nd transfer here, and have been hinted to about a Spanish area but we'll see.
love you all!! make the most of your time here!! 


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