September 9, 2020


La Piedra Ward, Menifee, California


Elder Jonathan Austin

The Road Goes Ever On Anon

This week was good!! Elder Austin and I have been finding some people to teach through a few different ways! He found a nice girl on Facebook (ojito eh) that was really interested! We taught her yesterday after she went to CHURCH online so that was lit!! We have a lesson with her tonight so we will see how it goes!

I really don't remember a ton more that happened but I'm sure there was stuff. -we did like 20 hours of service which is a ton for us, so we are bien cansados haha-I handed out a BoM in Spanish to a very nice man from Mexico who didn't speak English so that was fun! it takes me back haha-I studied a lot in the Old Testament and learned about Elisha! Everyone should read the story of Naaman because there is something in there for everyone. Great lesson-I just bought Pokémon cards for Pday so if anyone thinks they can beat me then they should post up-I was in charge of a music devotional that was large in stressfulness to set up but it all got done!
As far as service goes, you guys are lucky enough to get a story!! >:-(((( so we volunteered to help some other Elders with a service that they had, which we're grateful for because it was a lot of work and they're kinda smaller guys. so we loaded a ton of furniture into my friend Elder Aamodt's Tacoma (more to come on Elder Aamodt next week, LEGEND) which furniture was quite heavy and time consuming to fit in the truck. so we took it to the donation center, it's already getting pretty late and such, and we are driving very slowly to find this place and not let anything fall out of the truck — it was a long time haha. so we get to the place and the donation center is CLOSED >:-(( 😂 so we take everything back to Perris where we had loaded it up and took it all out and came back in the morning, short story is that we loaded it back up the next day and they STILL didn't accept it because they didn't accept "office furniture" 😂 so we took it to a thrift shop that didn't accept them either and took them back again!! it was such a waste of time haha but we tried all we could 🤷🏻‍♂️the good part was later Elder Babbel bought us all Frozen Yogurt! 
and I forgot to finish this email on Pday so I'm finishing it now on Tuesday which is a special occasion so it's ok! thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday!! I'm so grateful for everyone and everything. love you guys!

Service truck
froyo truck service??
we'll see about that!
epic video set up, haha
birthday presents from friends 


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