September 1, 2020


La Piedra Ward, Menifee, California


Elder Jonathan Austin

Weekly rundown

Hello friends, welcome to yet another boring week with Elder Andreasen. sorry I'm trash at writing weekly emails but motivation for writing is low these days šŸ˜‚ so updates are what you getĀ 

This week we got to meet some more members, we even got some dinners so that was fun!! We love dinners.
Elder Austin and I had a District Leader exchange where I went to Perris with our district leaders trainee! so that was fun. And since he's still in his training he can't drive yet in the mission, so I got to drive their Tacoma!!!!! I was apprehensive about driving a truck, but it was actually epic. Even more epic though is that Perris is a city that's pretty filled with Spanish speakers, so I got to teach like 5 lessons in Spanish!! So fun!

That day my friend Elder Giolas and I joined together for a little virtual member visit all the way in Villa Montoro, Argentina, so that was lots of fun as well. It did me lots of good to hear that beloved accent from a stalwart Argentinan member... haha

I got a tad sunburned from all the service we did (it wasn't really a lot, just one day after the other haha) but much more notable was the second service we did!!! So normally we go to a service at a cemetery every week and pick up flowers left at the graves (so sad and honestly pretty thought provoking) and randomly just outside the cemetery there's a pen full of emus. I mean EMUS. like the huge bird!! what????So this week we picked up all the flowers and were done early, so the guy asked us to weed out the emu pen and it was crazy.Ā I was again apprehensive cuz it turns out when you see an emu up close those things look like Dinosaurs. that was what convinced me this week that dinosaurs may have been real. In the end they weren't even mean at all and it was pretty cool
Also we had president interviews all the way in Riverside which is like a 40 minute drive, so that was fun. There may have been some problem elders in Menifee though that took a long time in their interviews, so ours were like 4 minutes long šŸ˜‚
But on the way to Riverside we stopped at a really cool Mexican restaurant and I told the cashier to give me whatever was her favorite, and I did not realize what I was asking for... haha she put like an entire fish on my plate! head and all. I didn't eat the head, but the fish was deliciousā€”just lots of tiny bones which was unfortunateĀ 

Also this week I did a post for the music page so if you haven't seen it yet you can find it on Riverside California Mission Music Project and find me!! I sang Amazing Grace which is one of my favorite songs.

In other notes I drank a ridiculous amount of mate this week. and tererƩ. I got kinda sick cuz I wasn't eating solids and just drinking that but I'm doing better :'-) But we had a visit with our bishop who served in Buenos Aires! He has drunk mate every day since, so we got along just swell over una re cebada jiji

And today for pday we just played volleyball and PokƩmon, and went shopping so that was fun

Mate with Elder Kreutz who was in the CCM with me!! small world!
The OGs - Elder Austin and I
Me trying to film myself playing amazing Grace on the ocarinaĀ 
Me with Elder CampbellĀ 


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