August 18, 2020


La Piedra Ward, Menifee, California


Elder Jonathan Austin


Hey yall, sorry for not sending an email last week, emailing "me da una fiaca," as we would say in Argentina haha. Basically it just makes me tired and not want to do it 😂.

But the past two weeks have been good! We've been getting out a decent amount to visit with members and spend time with other missionaries.

Transfers happened which are exciting, Elder Syme and I split up and he went out to Lake Elsinore and I am still in Menifee with Elder Austin! Elder Austin is from Oklahoma, and was in the Brazil Florianópolis mission for about 8 months, and has now been out almost 13. we get along great and have a really similar style of teaching, which is so fun!

So I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but the only way we have to find new people right now is through Facebook (which we haven't seen work too much here) and by calling random phone numbers in the California/Riverside area. We call the numbers and ask if they want to hear an uplifting message, if they have time to hear a scripture, or what they're needing from God. It's really not too different from knocking on doors, just electronically! It's a whole lot less fun tho ;-) but it's good, haha.

Anywho, last week we were doing these calls and not finding a whole lot of success, but then a woman named Tanisha picked up and let us share Helaman 5:12!! She really understood it and liked it, and we actually just called her back tonight and shared the message of the Restoration!!! She was very interested and accepted our invitation to download the BoM app and read and pray about it! That's so exciting. As we were closing the lesson, we invited her to say a prayer and she gave the most delightful prayer, thanking us for the message and asking God that people would open their hearts to us. I really meant so much to me and I am so grateful for that. I feel like with just the faith of Tanisha people are going to respond more favorably to our calls!!!

But yeah, it's been a good little bit :-))

PS I'm looking to start a correspondence of handwritten letters so if anyone wants to send me one just ask for my address and I will give you a BOMB handwritten letter in return. Capiche?

Pictures: so I know for a fact that these will send out of order but feel free to try and match captions to pictures 

Final Pic with elder Syme and la familia Price
Final Pic with the boys
Words of wisdom from President Hinkley
Hand-less bike selfie after service—enjoy, or don't
Elder Austin-I found a McCarthy truck in my area!! @shupe family
Tell me where it gets more zen than language study y el mate
Other service pic with too many companionships from our zone


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