July 20, 2020


La Piedra Ward, Menifee, California


Elder Austin Syme

A boring week UNTIL

This week really shot by y'all! We had tons and tons of service, Zone and District Leader exchanges, and some fun times.

Looking back on it I really can't remember much that happened, BUT we laid some pavers in a members backyard, and it didn't look anything like the ones in our backyard, mom, but we did the best that we could.

With all this service out in the sun I got pretty sunburnt but nothing I'm not used to, hahahaha.
Also this week in all of our service we moved a fridge into someone house WHO, it turns out, has COVID, so that's pretty awkward, but they have been quarantined inside one room of the house for the past 2 weeks, so we're gonna cross our fingers. We were wearing masks and everything, and threw all of our clothes into the wash as soon as we got home. We were fineee, y'all. 

A nice surprise today that really sent our week around haha was--.-.-.--..-----we opened our door to go grocery shopping and there was just a legit parrot outside of our all green and blue and with awesome colors, and it was crazy. We were going to make him our own and care for him and love him, but we decided a cute little Mexican family that we saw in our apartment complex would be better for him.
One thing I have loved out here is being able to have sacrament with the Price family, they always just allow us into their homes and we love it so much. Another thing is that we were able to meet some nonmembers too! We taught a little lesson in the home of some extremely nice 7th day adventists, and we loved it. 

But yeah, that was my week! Hope everyone had a good one, and stay safe out there!!
Love you all and don't forget to email or write handwritten letters if we're into that hahaha (we are!!)

DL exchanges with my boy elder Radford! He's reassigned from Ecuador 
Rare photo of an Elder Andreasen in his natural habitat--the carpet 
Price family Sunday!!
Neighborhood parrot


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