July 6, 2020


La Piedra Ward, Menifee, California


Elder Austin Syme

Breaking down fasting but you have to read to the end

Howdy y'all!! Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July!

Our week was better than last, we had some more home visits with members set up so we got to get out a little more, even though covid cases are rising in California...we're worried we might have to recess a little with our going outside abilities but we will see as time goes on!! 
So we're not allowed to accept homemade food from members because supposedly some members in some part of the world made some missionaries food and they got the rona from it so we can only accept store bought or fast food from members which feels really backwards but it's fine
Anyway--we had a home visit with some awesome members who said they were gonna take us out for dinner. We got in the car and they drove us to...their house...and we walked in and saw that the table was all set for us and everything and it was was way too late to turn it down hahaha so we had burritos at a members house but DONT tell anyone. Just kidding, it's fine. Those members actually also gave us some of my old addiction, some tereré with fresh squeezed limeade and it made me miss Argentina, but it's fine haha!!
After that we had a little visit with some older members from Arkansas, so they were basically kindred spirits with good old Mr. Mississippi Syme haha and they stuffed us with root beer floats so that was epic
And my good friend Elder Giolas from my first mission came to visit me!! He and his lovely girlfriend took us to the Habit and we got to catch up over an awesome lunch, so that was sick. He's going on his reassignment to South Carolina at the beginning of August--pictures below
Sorry only 2 or 3 more stories and then you can go about the rest of your life; have patience pls 
I forgot to mention last Monday we went to a sick store called Boot Barn which has...guesses? Bueller? It's just a store for Boots HAHA and some other Midwestern cool stuff but mostly boots and cowboy hats. ANYWAY Elder Syme was so excited to be there and he just looked at a ton of stuff and then bought a pair of boots and wears them everywhere under his church clothes and its epic. I'm proud to call him my comp
Ok and Saturday the Price family (our favs) drove us up to Ontario Cali, to Elder Syme's first area where he had an old friend get baptized!! We got to see it and it was such an awesome experience. It was a 12 year old boy whose name was Hector, and his parents are I think second generation Americans whose parents came from Mexico. So cool!! Hector's a capo, as we say in Argentina. And I got to speak Spanish to his grandparents so that was fun! The Prices took us to a Nike outlet after to look for shoes for their son, Liam, but the line was super long so we went to Canes but CANES WAS CLOSED for the 4th of July, so far California Canes gets 0 stars. We went to Chik-fil-A instead and then did service and then had some elders over for the fourth.
Sidenote: the Prices are super awesome and their mom reminds of a family friend of ours (Heidi Mcelhaney) and we love all of them so much
Lastly, yesterday we were in home church with the Price family again, and we were talking about fasting. Good old Cyrys (age 13?) gave us all some light and knowledge about fasting, so I will share it with you all now
Cyrus Price: "I always thought of fasting this way, trying to look for a better way to go through it. I always thought of it like an enhanced prayer - like if a prayer has a 50% chance of working, then a fast has like...a 75% chance of working"

1. Elder Dylan--distrito los negros vatos locos back at it again 
2. Gross tomato foolishness
4. Southern grandma spoils us with root beer float 
5. Epic moon on our bike ride  
6. View in front of small town lake 
7. Nike outlet 
8. Cream soda and root beer collection from the 4th


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