June 29, 2020


La Piedra Ward, Menifee, California


Elder Austin Syme

Answering the Big One

I get so many people coming up to me saying, "But Elder Andreasen, is it true? Can it really be? Have you checked and rechecked and triple checked? What can you tell us? Is the California Riverside Mission really different than the Argentina BAE Mission?" And I am here to finally answer, once and for all. YES

Okay yeah guys, so no one has actually asked me that but pretend.
So yeah on Tuesday good old Elder Reagan and I got to the mission home in Riverside after a nice short hour flight, and we parted ways! I got sent to the Menifee Zone serving in the La Piedra ward, which, deceptively, is an English area, so rip Spanish. But I love the ward still!
My companion is Elder Syme, and we're getting along great! My companions just keep getting handsomer and handsomer, but my next one will have to be Chris Pine or someone cuz this guy is a "drInk of water" as my mission president said. Bonus points because he's from Mississippi and the Southern courtesy is REAL and rubbing off, I've said more ma'am and sir this week my entire life. 
Real life check moment was when we were driving over to our area the first time in our zone leaders' car--the ZL's are from Texas and Georgia and both have some nice southern accents, and it was my comp and me in the back, and he's got a nice Mississippi accent too, so I was just wondering if this would be my life
This week has been okay. There were two days where we didn't leave our apartment at all, and the other days we've only left once or twice, which is getting hard. We're allowed to do home visits but only upon invitation, of which we have received one, sooo that was sad. But that family is awesome! They invited us over for sacrament meeting too yesterday, which was a real treat
We haven't been able to leave as much because our area doesn't have a car, and I still don't have a bike, so nothing is really in walking distance, haha...But we're hoping this week we can set up some meetings with members online, and then find some people to teach! 
I've been staying busy with a lot of scripture study,  video ideas for Facebook (which if anyone has any please send them!!!),  and I have now learned almost the entire Japanese alphabet and am into sentence construction so wish me luck ありがとうございます
I can read emails all week and respond on Mondays, so feel free to Facebook Message me or something!
Love you all, please stay safe and remember that the Lord is looking out for us <3

1. Good old Sam
2. Our home visit with the Prices! Little different than my home visits in Argentina...haha
3. Amen
4. Compi
5. My dinner every night this week, Rhys do I have talent 


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