March 16, 2020




Elder Salazar

Sending you news that's not this virus thing (not clickbait)

It was clickbait, the only news is the virus guys, help haha.

So Argentina the other day closed off the whole country so rip to all who wanted to come in the next month :(

Everyone's really shocked and we've been changing stuff all the time, but we had a few really wonderful sacrament meetings yesterday with member families and investigators and it was all very nice :-)) 

But I took some dope vids for all of those who are dying of boredom so smash the like button when you see them.

We had to buy a huge list of things for a food storage in case we have to stay closed in like 2 weeks haha, so luckily I have all of the canned peaches I could possibly want.

But! We still had an almost normal week in the mish, not the best that we've had before but we got by! It rained tons and It was a nice change from being super hot. 

The first crazy thing that was super cool that happened was when we left the house in the morning to go to district meeting, there was a TON of noise in the street and there were tons of tiny little papers in all of the streets and we thought there were riots or something and we went to the bus station and we saw a ton of kids about my age going CRAZY, dancing with flags, yelling, playing drums, the whole works and we were like WHAT is going on help its 6:30 in the morning.

We asked someone in the station what in the world was happening and she told us that they were all seniors who were about to start their final year in school, and every year the seniors throw a huge party before their "last first day of school" and I thought of senior pranks haha. Crazies here.

I don't know if I mentioned this but Elder Salazar and I are in a tiny city called Magdalena in the middle of nowhere. The chapel for the branch is here, but there are like 4 tiny cities as well that are a little close (20 minutes, 1 hour, por ahi on bikes) that pertain to the branch of magdalena, because there aren't missionaries there cuz they're tiny and they don't have a chapel. So one of our investigators is from the closest one called Atalaya and her name is Mabel and I'm pretty sure we're gonna be able to baptize her this weekend!! She's really amazing, and more to come with that.

And this Thursday past we went to a different place called Vieytes just to see if there was anyone we could teach there, but there wasn't anyone in that moment haha. But we entered a HUGE house to teach a nice chico, literally the HUGEST house I have seen here. The kid didn't want much to do with the church but he was nice, haha.

And I ran out of stuff to say, but enjoy random pictures of the rain and some vids if they send.
I love you all and stay safe pls!!!

Elder Andreasen


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