March 2, 2020




Elder Salazar

Whitewash and a surprise!

Elder Salazar and I are having a great time here in Magdalena! It’s difficult here, there are few members but they´re all so wonderful, we have lunch every day and I think I‘m gaining weight, haha-help.
Elder Salazar really is progressing super well, it's almost as if I weren't even training! He's a mad stud, or as we say here, "un re capo" hehe.
Our week was normal, and also I have a terrible memory so I can't even tell you half of what happened just that Magdalena is super tranquilo! Even when people reject us here, they're pretty nice about it, asi que safa /_o_/

Now I want all the subscribers to close their eyes, and imagine for one moment.
You’re in the middle of nowhere, in a tiny city on the coast of the Province of Buenos Aires. The city is called Magdalena. It’s a nice Sunday Morning. You and your companion are cleaning your small little chapel before church starts when in walks the 2nd counselor. You're talking to him, making conversation, while also cleaning a little, when you sit on one of the pews a moment, facing almost to the door. A little movement there by the door catches your eye. You turn to the door, and look to see who is walking in, expecting the branch president or some member, when in walks your FATHER AND YOUR SISTER. uhhhhhhhhh.

Needless to say this was the last thing I was expecting, a very surprising experience, but a pretty cool one. Why they came all the way out of their itinerary to deliver packages to Capital, Buenos Aires to see me is a mystery, but it was pretty neat. And now I have my round glasses again (the ones I broke in Mexico haha) so I'm content for now.

Anddddd that's pretty much it, but thanks everyone for writing and everything!

Love you all, besitos to my friends and much love!

Until the next week

Elder Andreasen


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