February 25, 2020




Elder Salazar

Transfers and a spooky week

Okay first of all sorry I didn’t write yesterday, I didn’t super have time but I got permission to do it today haha. Yesterday we had transfers and I had to leave Olmos in La Plata Sur and come to a branch called Magdalena in La Plata Este! I‘m here in whitewash, opening the area, and training a new missionary LOL send help. 
Whitewash means that both my comp and I are new here, so we don’t know anyone, and on top of that the area was closed for like 6 months, so we’re the first missionaries here since then. I am SO excited to be here, seriously it seems so cool.
Also with Magdalena we are so far away from everything lol. To go to zone conference this week we have to take a huge bus in an hour drive to La Plata Centro and then another hour back haha. And  before we made jokes because Olmos is really far away from everything too, and now we’re even way farther away lollll pero bueno. I think we're actually very close to the coast of Uruguay. 
My companion is Elder Salazar from Bogotá in Colombia, and this is his first week in the mission! He is 23 years old but he honestly looks older haha. 
But yeah that’s now! 
This past week in Olmos was full of exchanges with other Elders, Elder Davis made me peach cobbler which was really good and we almost burned the pench down but we’re too smart for that. Then I had to make a 2 and a half hour trip on Thursday to Quilmes to do Visa stuff, but it didn’t work, so I had to do it on Friday again and then it did work.
On Friday, my friend Elder Pretel from Lima Peru and I went to Quilmes and then came back. We were just having a good time, made it back to Olmos and went straight to lunch in a Bolivian restaurant of a member family. We were there helping them fold silverware into napkins when Elder Pretel FAINTED and then hit his head and when i tried to help him he started to convulse omigoodness i was so scared lol. then he woke up and didn’t remember anything and we had to go to the hospital that night and i think he’s all good now but it was mad scary.
And then transfers! Final pictures in olmos attached, and pictures of magdalena to come. 

Love you all! Have a good week!
Elder Andreasen 


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