February 17, 2020




Elder Rojas

Soda Water

Before I talk about the title of this email, which is something about which I am VERY angry, I should say that Elder Rojas and I had baptisms this weekend! Sonia and her son Alejandro got baptized and it was an awesome experience.

Now to the soda water. Apparently exists this thing that some very strange people drink but that nobody in their right mind ever would. I remember hearing about it when I was younger and I think I tried it one time and wanted death more than anything else. 
Fast forward to this Thursday, probably, when I was on exchanges with Elder Davis in his area, and we were clapping doors, meeting new people, you know the drill. We met a very old man, medio rude, but we were talking to him being nice and talking about his church and ours too, and after like 4 minutes of talking he asked if we wanted some water. I was SO thirsty and it was SO hot outside so we said yes, and he asked if we wanted it from his fridge or from the hose...we said probs the fridge man thanks. He went to his fridge and he brought out a huge bottle of water and the INSTANT I saw it I knew what it was and I knew I had made a huge mistake. 

I had seen this brand in the stores before as a brand of mostly soda but also soda water, and then I realized that this mans was gonna give me an entire cup full of this terrible water. But I couldn't turn him down, and it was too late for me. Elder Davis and I had to drink a whole cup each one, and it was probably the hardest part of my mission so far, so more to come later.

Also a necessary shoutout to Valentine's day, more than anything happy day to all my missionary friends who gave themselves sad-boy hours this Friday in their apartment alone with their comps. A moment of silence

Elder Rojas and I just sang Ed Sheeran and other sad boy songs on the guitar and then worked regularly the whole day, it didn't feel like a different day because not many people celebrated it here haha

Anddd, we have transfers coming up this week so we're gonna see what happens! 

Prayers, hugs, bendiciones!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Elder Andreasen


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