January 27, 2020




Elder Rojas

End of Transfers and I got bit by a CHICKEN

Basically I thought I would have it fine being bitten by a few dogs here and there, WHO cares honestly - they're just dogs. But it hurts more than just the leg when the animal that bites you is the dumbest dummy animal in the world. But we learned that if you try to kick a chicken in Argentina, he will have exactly none of that.

Apart from being bitten by a chicken, this week was good and long! It was really hard training two new elders with my own trainer but we got through it! We had transfers today and yesterday Elder Rojas and I found out that the two of us would be staying in Olmos B!!! We're super hyped cuz we like this ward a lot. So now we go back to being just two in Olmos, which is gonna be so much fun. 4 in our small area was hardddd, but we're hyped.

My Peruvian son is going to CityBell, and the Coloradoan is going to some place called Mayol. 

I felt dumb this week not only when the ugly chicken bit me, but also when a member invited Elder Mercer and me to have lunch at their house. The members were great with Elder Mercer's food needs (celiac, gluten free) and offered lots of lunches. But these members lived far away so we needed a bus to go there, and they told me the wrong bus to take. So obviously it was my fault lol. So we got off way far away and had to walk like two miles,lolll, but we made it! 

This week I met someone whose brother in law played for Real Salt Lake two years ago, his name is Sebastian Jaime if anyone follows soccer in Utah.

Also today I met an elder who is a cousin of a dear family friend in Arizona (Fairbanks) and an Hermana from Utah who knew the family of my friend Johnny Johnston! Her name was Hermana Smith.

Andddd I can't think of anything else to write. help
But basically we're all excited here to get back into the work of 2 missionaries in our area! 

Love you all and blessings for everyone!!

Elder Andreasen


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